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Re: Dr. Bob - I have an idea

Posted by alexandra_k on August 24, 2019, at 19:16:35

In reply to Re: Dr. Bob - I have an idea, posted by rjlockhart37 on August 23, 2019, at 12:20:08

I like your signature, rj.

The boards won't be what they were because Bob has retired from them.

The boards were what they were because of the infrastructure that he created... That allowed or facilitated (or whatever) certain people or aspects of certain people to thrive or flourish or merely persist here, for a time.

Part of it was the illusion of anonymity that people just don't have, anymore. Part of it was the knowledge that most people IRL would not understand the kinds of relationships it is possible to form with people *by writing* even if you told them. Now... Everybody gets it with text messages and email and facebook and so on... Every kid and their 8 year old child has an account...

Most people want to feel like they are the centre or the hub or whatever of their online experience. They want control over how they project themselves. Or the illusion of it. Control over their homepage. They want to block people from posting to their page. They want to friend this one and ignore that one. And so on... People don't want to post to Dr Bob's domain anymore because they want to post to their own domain. They want to have control over it themselves. They want to feel like other people are visiting them rather than them visiting other people. Or something. I don't know.

I don't think the people who used to post their personal experiences here would post their personal experiences on the internet, anymore. Because people are acutely aware of the lack of privacy. And because many of those people have moved on. It's the newer generation who are aware of the lack of privacy.

I am still here because I am still trapped in NZ. Still being ignored, here. Still not having the resources, here, to have my basic needs met. Still having people (not my brother - people who don't know when to stop) ignore me, rubbish rubbish pooh pooh me, treat me like garbage...

In focusing in on my Mother's nastiness growing up I didn't realise how prevalent that attitude / spirit was in others. Maybe not about biscuits etc but... I imagine... Even if my Mother went out of her way to select some *nice* ones... They would have bitch moaned bickered and complained about whatever ones she did pick - no matter which ones she picked. So it really made no difference from that point of view. I do remember... Little things I remember... That indicate that the other Mothers were rather awful, too...


Time to close the book?

Waiting for the opening of another chapter...




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