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Re: This website is full of copyright infringements

Posted by alexandra_k on October 28, 2018, at 21:15:11

In reply to Re: This website is full of copyright infringements, posted by alexandra_k on October 28, 2018, at 20:23:33

I know it probably seems hard to care about how things are in this little back corner of the world.

The thing is, that this little back corner of the world is an arm of England and Australia. It is. Our Medical system was out of Australia which was out of the UK. The legal arm was out of England more directly and it is only in very recent years that they have placed responsibility for running the highest court of appeal here, rather than over in the UK.

New Zealand is an interesting case because it shows in caricature form the very worst of... Most things. The sham facade of it all...

The illusion of democracy. So tourists can come here from the UK and the USA and superficially it looks like a poor back-water state of a developed nation.

Only the illusion is significantly more superficial than that.

Most committees don't exist as committees, at all. There's a single autocrat making the decisions.

There's nobody home.

Our government is increasingly filled with foreigners who don't sound to the ear like they have an accent. But they aren't New Zealanders. The majority of their life has been spent overseas. Working for foreign government or working for foreign business.

They come here for a few short years and retire on the proceeds... On foreign shores.

Most of our jobs and scholarships that are advertised are just phishing expedititions. It really is the whole beating people down into subjugation for a year (in the name of 'frictional unemployment') so they will take...



That they are offered.

They won't complain about it. They will put on their smiling face. Yessir nosir anything you say sir. You want me to take this money that isn't yours and put it into your bank account 'tee hee you so funny and I so ditzy! Sure boss, anything you say!'


I wonder how many people have something along the lines of a good, honest, way of life.

I don't see people believing in what they do. I see people shrug and say 'they pay me'.

Worth being born for???

Haven't seen it, yet...




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