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Re: This website is full of copyright infringements

Posted by alexandra_k on October 26, 2018, at 19:44:20

In reply to Re: This website is full of copyright infringements, posted by alexandra_k on October 25, 2018, at 19:22:12

> . Or, they allow a-symmetry with respect to Australians being treated as local in NZ (for welfare, for government student loans) but the converse not being the case.

That being said, I never needed to apply for welfare when I was in Australia. I didn't have trouble finding work. I got a good stream of teaching work and then I got a good stream of hospitality work and I got offered clerical work (scanning historical documents).

I suppose it must seem to people on the boards here that I'm always crying out for a handout. Free money. Welfare. And so on.

People need to understand that in the context of a country where smart hardworking people are not wanted because they make the low level people just above them look bad. There are a heap of... It isn't IHC, it's something different entirely... There are a heap of people who will not allow others to function. You are just expected to 'yes sir no sir anything you say sir' and 'I couldn't do this without you!' and so on... Social smoothing... No display of competence. Huddle in with the herd...

I applied for clerical / admin sort of work in a GP office in Auckland. Turns out that there was a receptionist / manager and another couple receptionists. They got a kick out of hiring around 5 or 6 students to work as a team. Micromanaging them... Different jobs for them. Sweeping the leaves around the front and back of the yard (it was a GP office functioning out of what used to be a house). Scanning some documents. Dusting. So on...

Basically... Cat fight bitch fest. Heavily micromanaged and minimal hours and the kids falling over each other to be 'favorite' which means they would get extra hours / they would get to do the scanning instead of the toilet cleaning.

That's the sort of entry level context there is.

I didn't get picked for the job. They wanted younger and sillier.

I applied for a government job with corrections (prisons). I specifically only applied to government jobs that were QUALITATIVE and not QUANTITATIVE analysis jobs. The said they required me to go for testing. I went along and there were 2 very young girls and some empty office area of a high rise in Wellington. Sat down in a room and doing paper tests...

Quantitative tests, mostly. A lot of percentages and so on.

Then I get informed I was a bit below average in my scores.

Just to kick me back / down, you see. This dragging 'frictional unemployment' out for 1 year (everyone said it takes around 1 year to get a job)...

Other jobs I applied for...

They like to interview you. Meet you. Pat themselves on the back that they managed to attract such high calibre applicants. They get paid, I guess. 4 of them or whatever. Taking how many days to interview people for jobs.

Apparently job brokering is a big deal, now. We have decided to go the way of Aussie with teh whole 'prostitution is legal here and we found you a job!!' and so on kinda thing.

Enrolling in drug tests?

I went to a bio-ethics talk where the guy seemed to be putting in a case for us allowing organ donors to be paid for their organ.

What should a medical degree be worth? A kidney?

I did apply for jobs... I started applying in early October, I believe. I got precisely 1 interview (where I was told I scored badly) and then nothing... Early March I enrolled in Sport Science because it didn't look like I was getting a government job.

When I first started the course I think I was still applying for jobs... I think I still did applyl for jobs during the year because it became obvious that personal training was a route to burnout and I wouldn't likely have a viable way of life because they were encouraging us to see it as basically rich people choose to pay you to hold their hand because they like the look of you / they want to be seen with you in the gym. It wasn't about expertise or the development of that. It isn't a viable way of life.

Group fitness instructors in gyms are mostly volunteers. Les Mills managed to get people to pay them for the training to be a group fitness instructor. Then, once you are trained, maybe you will get to teach a class. The gym then tracks how many people attend your class and if your class starts shrinking in size then you lose your class. It's a popularity contest. It's not a job... It's a sham.

I have worked hard over the years and people in this country refuse to see / acknowledge that...

Because... Why wouldn't you - if you thought you could get away with it, then you would be a fool for not doing it, right?

Most of our people have been bullied out of looking for work. That's why our disability rates are around 1/4. Around 1/4 of our population is disabled. Prevented from working because of disability. Not looking for work because of disability. That's where the government put them. There and... Students. Enrolled in some course. That's how come you get all these courses in '3 year degree in food science and we'll teach you how to be a kitchen hand!' degrees. Because people can't get jobs.

I wonder what proportion of our people (and absolute numbers how many of our people) actually have full time employment.

And of those few who have full time employment, how many of them are stil relying on government handouts because the wages they earn are not enough for them to meet their basic needs of rent and electricity for heating?

This country is a f*ck*ng disgrace.




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