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Re: This website is full of copyright infringements

Posted by alexandra_k on October 26, 2018, at 5:17:15

In reply to Re: This website is full of copyright infringements, posted by alexandra_k on October 26, 2018, at 2:35:23

I don't think it is unreasonable to keep 1 bedroom a small lobby and a kitchen / dining area within WHO guidelines on healthy temperature range.

I have decided not to heat the living room, the bathroom, the toilet, the other bedroom, the laundry.

I actually think it is unreasonable to expect that I not heat the toilet and the bathroom. I'm already doing that.

I resent that.

This government refuses to legislate such that heat source is a chattel of the property.

Radiators are thus the tenants responsibility.

Heat pumps and central heating systems aren't portable, so there's electic heating or there's gas heating (and unflued gas means you need to run a dehumidifier to take the moisture out of the air so you stay within WHO humidity guidelines).

I get around $300 per week. I have state subsidised housing which means my rent is $66 per week. When I was looking at houses to rent the market rates for the house I am currently living in was around $300 per week. It costs me $22 per week to have the lawns mown (steeply hilly section with 800 square meters of section). I have $16 per month for cellphone (which is a requirement for government forms and the like) and I have $76 per month for internet (which is a requirement for government forms and the like since much will not display on old-ish phone crapps). I have gym membership which was around $155 for 3 months. I have had around $1,000 toward motorcycle repairs. Caused by the location of my house and the fact I have no off-road parking for it and it blows over in gusty winds and tends to break the muffler attachment (needed welding) or the handlebars (needed to be replaced).

I should be able to save money. I should be able to put aside money for clothes and things like that.

Milk is around $3 per litre (I use around 2 litres per week). Oats(locally grown) are around $5 per bag. It will cost around $6 for fruit. Around $10 for coffee. That's breakfast for a week.

Bread will cost between $3.50 for a wholegrain loaf to $7 if I get a good wholegrain loaf from the bakery (not the supermarket). It will cost between $10 and $25 for a chicken (which I can eat over 1-2 days) and make soup from. It's about $5 for a jar of mayonase. It's about $6 for a small block of tasty cheese.

It's about $6 for a small pack of minced beef that can be mixed with a $2 can of beans and 1/3 of a pack of $2 noodles to make spaghetti. Tomatoes have been around $7 or around $5 for a small tub so I haven't been buying tomatoes. Red peppers (or any other colour) have also been around $2 or $3 each so I haven't been buying those. Spinich will cost around $5 for a small bunch which would make 2 salads. So I haven't been much buying that. Kumara (sweet potato) will cost around $2 or $3 for a decent sized one. A 1.5kg bag of carrots is around $5. Potatoes vary.. I'm limited by needing to carry stuff in a backpack. For around $5 or $7 I can get around 1.5kg of potatoes.

Chips (potato chips in bags) cost around $4.
Sometimes you will find them cheaper if they are very chemical and artificial flavor heavy. Ones that are potato and salt will cost around $4.
Candy bars cost around $1

Gasoline will cost around $20 to fill up my bike. I can make that last a week or two.

Toilet paper is continually altering the packaging and so on to trick you into paying more and more for less and less. I try and squash them to assess the density of the paper but it costs probably around $4 dollars a week for toilet paper that doesn't make your hand wet when you use it.

People say they really can't believe how expensive it is to live in this country. How much things cost here, how little people have to live off.

My power company seems to be trying to extort me into signing up for a 1 year fixed price contract with them. Otherwise I will forever be paying for 'natural disaster'. And so on.

Actually, they said they are 'campaigning on my behalf'. Yeah, right.

I guess some people in this country (the most impoverished) simply *are not allowed* to heat their houses.

A little earlier in the year they had this 'hour of power' thing where teh students were all told that there would be free power for an hour. Apparently the idea was to test the capacity of the system. So they actively encouraged people to be irresponsible with their power consumption to see how our grid would handle it.

A consequence was that some people suffered power outages during the hour of power. For... Legitimate activities, sometimes.

Remember when we used to tell people to 'turn it off when you are not using it' or to power down computers overnight and not leave them on standby? Or to turn televisions off at hte wall and so on.

Trouble is... The surveillance devices need to be fed.

They're just trying to bully people into living in substandard living conditions. Into internalising the shame and so on...

That's what the whole 'just put a jumper on' thing is about...

People are afraid of how much their power company will take out of their bank account because the only way you could get power supplied to your house is by giving the authorisation to direct debt from your bank account.

$130 for one week of power (home use, not commercial or industrial) is... Extortion?


Something is not at all right about that.

My power company doesn't care. Why should they. They got the money out of me, already.




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