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Re: ert

Posted by alexandra_k on September 5, 2018, at 4:27:15

In reply to Re: alex, posted by ert on September 1, 2018, at 14:25:20

> Maybe you are in your rebellion phase of your life, when you separate more and more from your upbringing and your mother.

Hmm. I think I'm genuinely past that. I did do a period of no contact at all, and then a period of only minimal contact. I actually have a bit more contact with her, now. I do need to try and keep it limited so it is of higher quality. But I can see some things in her that I genuinely like, that I also see and foster in myself. So, that is nice. It took years and years for me to be able to see / say that.

> Better with telegram where the GDPR is respected and dmca complaints accepted.

I think I might have a slightly better idea of where you are coming from, now. I have been reading some stuff on the TPPA (a trans-pacific trade deal) that was proposed, a few years back, now (like around 2010 or something) between the US and Australia and NZ and Chile and Vietnam and... I don't remember...

Anyway... As part of that there was an analysis of 'what's in it for us and what's in it for the various other players'. And it seemed that what was in it for us was more dairy exports to the US from our dairy giant. Which, actually, isn't something that is good for our country, in all honesty. Environmentally etc.

Anyway... So various things were raised about what was in it for other players. But more... Issues were raised about ways in which NZ could develop, if that makes sense. To be in the position to be a more equitable (haha)... A... more mutually beneficial trading partner.

Anyway... One of the things that came out was how we don't have the intellectual property (copyright, trademark, patient) laws that the US and Australia does. We don't acknowledge those countries intellectual propery laws... I didn't realise that other countries do. With respect to the zoning thing, I mean. The delay on video / movie releases and so on.

Anyway... Interestingly (I thought) whis was something that came up in the context of Pharmac. Bargaining for our access to pharmaceuticals. I didn't realise... We basically just source cheap generics and simply do not contribute to the cost of development at all. Like, at all. We aren't even working to produce anything that might have benefit to others on the world stage. I mean, most of our kids don't get GED equivalency... Think that makes it likely they will go on to discover things in chemistry LMFAO.

So... Instead of NZ continuing to develop dairy for exports... We need to develop in these other ways, as well. Intellectual property to protect our developers and so on - otherwise they will simply be forced to split to other countries who will recognise their talent and protect their products and so on.

It helped me see that I haven't really been understanding what you are saying. There was something about how some exception was made so the internet could persist... So stuff like this site could be permanent - instead of every poster having complete control over whether others can view their posts or not.

My issues are more that it's a superficial facade when it comes to the information. I mean, it's still accessible to people with technical know-how it's just not publically viewable. On the other hand, it's not publically viewable anymore if the person doesn't want it to be.

I think I see what you are saying, I just mean to say. And I perhaps take your point.

Maybe this site will go away, one day. There will just be the fleeting stream of chat...

A... Pre-literate society. On the internet. Maybe things will have devolved to that.

I liked it for it's permanence. But, yeah, there are issues here that run deep. I see that.

can live without Babble. I do check that sporadically. When I'm in flow with my work I don't post here, much. It's more when I'm struggling a bit. Writing philosophy, now, gets me... Back in a place before... It makes it harder for me not to fall back in old (bad) habits. I have managed not to take up smoking, again, but have been drinking sporadically, too, and that was gone before replaced completely by exercise.

But, yeah, I'll be okay, no matter how things turn out with this site :-)

> Better you should check sporadically if you can live without this activity. It is possible.




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