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Posted by rjlockhart37 on October 23, 2015, at 21:42:14

the only thing i have told people about this site, where i blog, thinking i was some graundoer person sitting behind a computer screen, the only thign i am is a guy in college, has some goals, right now im 28, and looking for ways to change and help others, and blogs his thoughts......

but comapred to other sites like psychcentral, and more widely known ones, there more of a discussion community, where more like know people here, closer relationships even though it's only through babble mail and posts....and phone numbers but i never talked to anyone off the boards, not babble mail, nothing, but i think looking at this boards, where all posters that have our own posting styles, and it's enjoyable to hear the new thoughts, and online support from people.....yet if you look at the search engines, this site is the one of the read places because our posts are sent to google and in search news feeds, and it's scary in a way, you know for a while i joked and said it's all about me and get attention, these posts are on google, all of them.....just the keywords that are typed into google and it's pulled up.........

babble medical boards, it's wide open for reading all across seach engines.....other places you have to log in and get into a secure group, here you simply type your screen name, password, and then write a post.....then "message added" screen comes up, that means it's published on this site and the web, nothing secure. each post can be it's own website......

but don't want to babble but i've had a alot of thoughts thinking since babble is so open for the whole internet to read, to group it together, and provide like a database on medications and mental support, i mean it is already.....but maybe make it known more by doctors and scholar articlees.....right now it's just a community, maybe bump it up, or something......


not a genius but understand pain
"unheard pain is told through good company




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