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Alternative religions. Lou Pilder

Posted by SLS on October 6, 2015, at 15:05:50

In reply to Lou's reply-deohnleighwhey? SLS, posted by Lou Pilder on October 5, 2015, at 19:39:04

> > ------------------------------------------
> >
> > "
> > Good. Now we are getting somewhere.
> >
> > Q: What is Christianity?
> >
> > A: A religion that offers a pathway for you to return back to God.
> >
> > We are in agreement, then.
> > "
> >
> > ----------------------------------------
> >
> > As I indicated, we are finally in agreement.

> Scott,
> We are in agreement that somewhere in Christiandom there is a path to return to God. But what is that path if you know> And would IYO those outside of christiandom also have a path different from the Christiandom path that could lead one back to God.
> Lou

First of all, I would like to suggest that a great many people are passionate in their belief that their way is the only way, even if their religion makes no such claim.

As a planet occupied by people of many different religions and spiritual faiths, there will be some religions whose doctrines are indeed founded on the tenet that the path to Paradise is exclusively theirs to follow. I find this sad, but this is today's reality. I like diversity, but not divisiveness. I think divisiveness is, in part, a product of intolerance. I find that tolerance of another's passions is helpful to me in moving forward happily in life without antipathy and the emotional energy depletion that surrounds negativity.

I like your idea that there may be different paths to Paradise and eternal life. Perhaps there is only one. I don't know. Still, I think that many people will favor one path over all others. I am tolerant of some affiliations, but not of others. The key for me, again, is tolerance. I tend to be tolerant of people who are willing to be tolerant me. Of course, there are things that I am intolerant of, but I would prefer to talk about the positive. It is too easy to find the negative.

I found a post from the Faith forum from 2008. It contained the following:

"What is Christianity? The only religion that offers a pathway for you to return back to God."

I tolerate this sentence, even though it represents a belief in exclusionist principles. The author might even be misrepresenting Christianity. However, it does represent the passions of poster. I disagree with the use of the words "the only", but I tolerate them, especially in this forum. I think passion can overwhelm discretion. Not everyone feels the need nor has the talent to craft words with delicacy and tact. Certainly, this is no great transgression.

People have fought wars and millions have been killed in the name of religions that are dedicated to love and brotherhood.

There is more to discuss, of course, so let us continue. I think our goal should be to bring about some degree of resolution to our concerns so as to enhance our experience on Psycho-Babble.

I respectfully await your reply.

- Scott

Some see things as they are and ask why.
I dream of things that never were and ask why not.

- George Bernard Shaw




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