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Lou's reply and warning-The Prince of Death SLS

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 2, 2015, at 8:54:12

In reply to Lou's words could lead to the death of Christians. Lou Pilder, posted by SLS on October 1, 2015, at 20:59:38

> > There could be other paths unbeknownst to me that could do the same thing.
> This would indicate that there is no path beknownst to you that could do the same thing.
> Since the Christian path is beknownst to you, you therefore reject it.
> Thus, your prescription for entering Paradise is to follow you down your path and reject the path of the Christians. Interesting. I believe we have just seen Lou Pilder create an environment that would allow for the emergence of anti-Christianism.
> Are you an anti-Christianite, Mr. Pilder? Do you view Christians as being inferior? Have you triggered anti-Christianism here on Psycho-Babble? Your words could result in violence and death being perpetrated against Christians.
> Disgusting.
> - Scott

> Friends,
Be not deceived. What Scott has posted about me here could lead to you seeing me in a false light and his words about me could induce hostile and disagreeable feelings and opinions about me that could decrease the respect, regard and confidence in which I am held. This is further dangerous here because Mr. Hsiung is allowing Scott to post such defamation against me here with impunity which could lead a subset of impartial readers to think that Scott and Mr. Hsiung are in concert together to inflict emotional pain upon me here. But worse, you could discard what I post here that IMHO could save your life, prevent addiction and life ruining conditions and save the life of your child if you are trying to make a more-informed decision as to drug your child or not in collaboration with a psychiatrist/doctor. Let us look at what Scott is allowed to post here about me with impunity from Mr. Hsiung and any deputy of record.
Scott writes,[...Since the Christian path is beknownst to you, you therefore reject it...].
Mr. Hsiung calls that a jump to a conclusion. Because I know the Christian path, that does not mean that I reject it, for I never posted that I reject the Christian path. The Christian path could be thought by different people to be different paths. This leads to the question as to what is or is not the Christian path which I have not posted that I reject any of them, for none of them have I posted about. There could be a Christian path that is the same as the Jewish path and it has been revealed to me that there is. But I am prohibited here to post about that due to Mr. Hsiung's prohibitions to me here.
Scott goes on to write that I reject the path of Christians. That is a false statement about me, for I have not posted that I reject the path of Christians, for it has been revealed to me that Christians are Jews. You may be dismayed at my statement here but if the prohibitions to me by Mr. Hsiung were nit here, I could make this abundantly clear and IMHO that could save lives and I would be better able to show you how poisonous Scott's statements here about me are.
You see, Scott is accusing me with impunity from Mr. Hsiung. This could put me in a false light here as Scott is allowed to post what could be thought by a subset of readers o be against Judaism, which is what anti-Semitism is. Jews do not advocate violence and death to Christians as Scott falsely writes his last statement against me here, [...Your words could result in violence and death being perpetrated against Christians...]. The statement could lead readers to have hatred induced into them against Jews by them believing the lie against me as Mr. Hsiung allows the lie about me to be seen as being supportive by him, since being supportive takes precedence and posters are to be civil at all times. And worse, it will be good for Mr. Hsiung's community as a whole in his thinking for these horrible accusations against me by Scott being allowed to stand.
You see, it has been revealed to me that there is a Christian path that leads to life forever more, and to accuse me here of saying that there is not that path, to be allowed by Mr. Hsiung to stand, could lead vulnerable readers to hate Jews.
The tragedy here is that anti-Semitic propaganda is allowed to be seen by Mr. Hsiung as being supportive here. It has been revealed to me that is not Christians that promulgate anti-Semitic propaganda, but the devil, the Prince of this world, the God of this world, The Prince of Death. Who will you follow?




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