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Are you tolerant or intolerant of other religions? Lou Pilder

Posted by SLS on September 30, 2015, at 8:01:16

In reply to Lou's reply-seen as a credit to Mr Hsiung by you? SLS, posted by Lou Pilder on September 30, 2015, at 5:33:31

How much tolerance do you have of a Christian belief in there being one path to salvation? How does this affect your belief system? If you remain faithful Jewish after reading the New Testament, why would you assume that nobody else can? Can you disagree with a tenet of Christianity, yet be tolerant of its existence? You have never demonstrated how that biblical passage regarding salvation through the son and father as hurting you personally. Have you been the subject of violence based upon someone reading those words? If so, then that is an example of intolerance.

> > > > I think it is important to credit Dr. Hsiung for creating a self-moderating website of posting forums that have managed to avoid patent racism, bigotry, and religious intolerance. I think this is the result of the presence of written posting guidelines and a history of adjudications by Dr. Hsiung to demonstrate what "civility" means in the context of posting on this website.

> > I would like my opinion to stand on its own.

> You wrote that you would like your opinion to stand on its own. > Your opinion, if allowed to stand as being fact,

I didn't know that an opinion standing on its own is synonymous with claiming it as being fact. Although my observations over the years have brought me to this conclusion, I leave myself open to alternative opinions.

> could serious mislead readers to think that there is no anti-Semitic propaganda being allowed by Mr. Hsiung to be seen as being supportive by him here.

One problem I see with your phraseology here is that you ponder that there "could" exist a cause and effect without providing empirical evidence that there is. Providing an association would be worth considering as well.

> > I still support it, but I prefer not to defend it. My opinions are not that important. I would not be offended if you were to disagree with my views or decisions.

> The Jews are allowed to be depicted here by Mr. Hsiung as inferior people as they are allowed to be seen as people that are unsaved and worse, that by converting to Christianity, they would be saved.

I request that you provide evidence of someone using the word "inferior" when referring to the Jews.

I know that on the Faith forum, some people have stated that they believe that Christianity is the most accurate of religions and thus believe it to be the one and only true religion. Is this not true of you with Judaism?

Using your own words, define what a Christian believes salvation to be.

I would suggest to you that a dialog includes addressing the questions asked of you as well as those asked by you.

I doubt that Psycho-Babble is immaculate regarding the presence of prejudice and bigotry. I see this only rarely, though. On forums where posts are not deleted as a rule, this is a very civil place to be. I imaging you know this to be true, or you wouldn't be here. I don't think your writing would be tolerated on most other mental health forums. Are you claiming that the moderator agrees with antisemitic posts? Does his refusal to comb through 15 years of posts to find antisemitic posts to delete indicate that he is an antisemite?

I think I know where your intolerance lies regarding the words of the New Testament as the book of faith for Christians. I think I know how you arrived at the conclusion that this book leads to antisemitism. This argument has been made by you for years. Today is yesterday's tomorrow. Things are not the same today as they were yesterday. Mutual tolerance is not only possible, but is extant and growing in the USA. You might do better to preach tolerance rather than speak only of pockets of intolerance.

I find particularly noteworthy your use of the words "could", "can", "might", and "would" to be nothing to supposition to hypothetical conditions. This leads me to believe that you cannot demonstrate connections, but only postulate and theorize them. I use these words, too, when I am unsure of my facts and conclusions, and cannot provide guarantees of accuracy.

One thing that I have a difficult time with is the redundancy to be found in nearly all of your posts. I think you have made your point quite clear. To repeat it over and over again makes me less apt read any of your posts. Speaking only for myself, I do not review the entire 15 year archive looking for evidence of antisemitism. If you have the courage, confront antisemitism in the here and now. This is more important, don't you think.

- Scott

Some see things as they are and ask why.
I dream of things that never were and ask why not.

- George Bernard Shaw




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