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Lou's respnse-retraction request SLS

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 16, 2015, at 18:03:36

In reply to Re: Just Scott. Lamdage22, posted by SLS on September 16, 2015, at 16:27:31

> > I am sorry for the attorneys that have to go through all that has been said :)
> I agree. However, my memory and Google should be sufficient. It is also helpful that Lou Pilder provides links to relevant threads.
> I am very reluctant to proceed with an attorney, even though I could procure one who will take on the case on a contingency basis.
> The whole thing is sad, and I would like to see it go away. I am very angry right now. The language that Lou Pilder is publishing about me is becoming both more frequent and offensive. I would like to see him desist so that this situation go no further. Litigation is not what I am looking for. However, I will not provide him with explanations as to why his attempts at implicating me in libelous behavior is futile. The law is not on his side.
> If Lou Pilder would exercise his privilege of posting here in accordance with the guidelines as outlined in the website FAQ page, then things would deescalate. Posting here is indeed a privilege and not a right. Lou Pilder knows very well what civil posting means on Psycho-Babble. Dr. Bob has not only provided written guidelines, but has also provided verbal guidelines with his history of rulings when civility was questioned.
> I am not optimistic that anything will change. I will promise nothing. I will just gauge my level of tolerance as time moves forward, and make decisions based upon the grossness of violations. Mr. Pilder is in a position to improve communication and obviate the need for me to seek remedy. He knows what he needs to do.
> I don't care whether or not Lou Pilder submits posts here. I can decide for myself whether or not I will ignore them. I can decide for myself whether or not to challenge them. I can decide for myself whether or not to report them. Although some of Mr. Pilder's caveats regarding drug treatment merit consideration, it is the language used by him that I see as being problematic and in breach of civility guidelines.
> - Scott

You wrote,[...I can decide whether or not I will ignore them (Lou's posts)...].
The issue is your posts here that could be deemed to advocate that others not open my posts when they see my name or ignore me.
Mr. Hisung allows you with impunity to do that which could show a partnership between you and him because he posts a similar statement that he does not respond to me so that his example could cause others to not respond to me which stigmatizes me here, and you say similar to not respond to me which could decrease the respect, regard and confidence in which I am held and induce hostile and disagreeable opinions and feelings toward me. There is rational basis for readers to think that because by you advocating readers to do that, I could be made into a pariah and be stigmatized as someone that if readers read my posts, it would be better for them (according to you) to ignore me here.
Would you be willing to post a retraction where you post anything that could mean for others to not read what I post here? If so, I would like something like the following:
Scott's retraction
I now realize that posting anything that could stigmatize a person could be deemed to not be supportive and against the Golden Rule and is not fair to Lou and could decrease the respect, regard and confidence in which he is held, and induce hostile and disagreeable opinions and feelings toward him. This could cause Lou harm.




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