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Lou's reply-inphlikemoe

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 14, 2015, at 8:48:18

In reply to Lou's reply-libel of the Jews SLS, posted by Lou Pilder on September 14, 2015, at 8:09:54

> > In your opinion, do Dr. Hsiung and I have a case against you for libel?
> >
> > You profess to know the law. I have not yet consulted an attorney. I was hoping you could investigate this for me.
> >
> > This is not a threat nor a bluff. It is an initial appraisal of your behavior. It seems to have all of the elements necessary to pursue a law suit from what I have read. It might be difficult for me to find an attorney to take my case pro-bono, but your insistence on escalating your defamatory rhetoric about me is beginning to motivate me to search for one.
> >
> > Enjoy yourself.
> >
> >
> > - Scott
> Scott,
> You wrote,[...enjoy yourself...].
> It is no great enjoyment to try to get you and Mr. Hsiung to be compliant with the rules of the FDA when drugs are being promoted here by you and him without listing the consequences that could befall the taker of these drugs and that material facts are left out which could lead readers to think that the drugs are safer than they really are and be killed by the drugs, or get a life-ruining condition or addiction.
> Trying to stop you and Mr. Hsiung from allowing these drugs to be promoted without listing the adverse effects that could mislead readers to think that the drugs are safer than they really are, is something that I am trying to get Mr. Hsiung to do even if the FDA exempts him from their rules concerning the promotion of drugs, for Mr. Hsiung states that what he is doing is supportive for being supportive takes precedence according to him. And by him allowing you to post without his sanction to your post where it is originally posted as me being a Jew I am to save myself first if I convert to Christianity I will be saved, which makes the conclusion that Jews are not saved as being a Jew.
> By the fact that I am a Jew, your post could decrease the respect, regard and confidence in which I am held and induce hostile and disagreeable opinions and feelings toward me and then Jews could be seen as inferior people here as not having the equal protection of the rules here, and become victims of posts in violation of the rule of not posting what could put down those of other faiths. Then readers could be swayed to ignore what I post here which could cause them to disregard the warnings that I give about the material facts that are left out by those that promote these drugs here and readers could think that they a safer than they really are and be killed by the drug or the person could take their own life as suicidal urges could be brought on by the drugs all of which is usually left out by the promoters of these drugs here and Mr. Hsuing does not post what the FDA requires even if he is exempt from their rules.
> The libel, if any here, as I see it, is against me and the Jews, for by Mr. Hsiung allowing years of anti-Semitic propaganda to be seen as supportive and you to post what could cause readers to ignore me because I am a Jew and not saved (according to you) and could be seen as being validated by Mr. Hsiung since he refuses to post his tag line to your post to be civil. I consider that to have the potential to foster hatred toward the Jews and me as a Jew here. And readers could see a partnership between you and Mr. Hsiung because of that, because Mr. Hsiung says that if he allows it to be seen as civil, he is allowing it so that it will be good in his thinking for his community as a whole. What is done puts me in a false light here to be seen as an outsider, unsaved, and other Jews also because they are Jews. I will continue to try to stop all of you that want to mislead people to take these drugs without posting the adverse consequences and leaving out material facts and I will also continue to try to get Mr. Hsiung to act on my notifications in particular those that contain antisemitic propaganda either by you or anyone else.
> Lou

To depict me in the false light of a person as you describe me in the following post is allowed by Mr. Hsiung for you to do so. Readers could see a collaboration between you and him to emotional distress me by falsely depicting me as in the following post by you. This could also cause me to be a victim of antisemitic violence as I am can be seen as unworthy of being entitled to the equal protection of the rules here as your post against my character is allowed to be seen as civil and supportive and in Mr. Hsiung's thinking will be good for his community a whole. Both of you are wrong.




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