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Lou's reply to Scott-see you one more time again

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 14, 2015, at 5:37:04

In reply to Lous reply-their blood SLS, posted by Lou Pilder on September 13, 2015, at 9:27:05

> > I may be mistaken, but I believe the only agents required to conform with the type of FDA requirements you speak of are the pharmaceutical companies themselves once the drug and its package label are approved.
> >
> > :-)
> >
> >
> > - Scott
> Scott,
> Who sponsors the promotion of the drugs here? And to whom does the arm of the FDA reach?
> You see, you are a third party allowed by Mr. Hsiung to promote drugs without also stating the risks that the drugs have and that could deceive and mislead readers to think that the drugs you promote here are safer than they really are. And worse, since you do not post the list of adverse reactions that could follow from the taking of the drugs, readers could be misled to think that there are no risks at all in taking the drugs as material facts are left out completly. This could result in the taker of the drugs to have life-ruining conditions, addiction and death, not only to them, but the homicidal urges that the drugs could induce could cause the deaths of innocent people. And worse, mothers could be misled by you to drug their child into a lifetime of misery from the drugs and could culminate in the death of their child to suffer a horrible death by them.
> You are allowed to be a third party transmittal of the promotion of the drugs by Mr. Hsiung. You are used as what is supportive by him which could make him the sponsor of you that promotes the drugs. The fact that he is a psychiatrist changes the perspective to readers because they could accept your promotion of these drugs as being promoted by the psychiatrist as you being his arm and spokesperson for the drugs without the full disclosure that the drugs could induce life-ruining conditions, addiction and death. Readers could see that you and Mr. Hsiung are in concert with one another to promote drugs without disclosing the risks and mislead readers into their deaths. As to if the FDA allows you and Mr. Hsiung to have this partnership, that is not my concern. My concern is to stop the deaths that could come from this site by the promotion of these drugs as being safer than the really are. I may not be able to stop you and Mr. Hsiung from doing this where readers could suffer a horrible death by the drugs, but the blood of those killed by the drugs that are promoted here without the disclaimers as to their risks, the blood of those killed will not be upon me.
> Lou

You wrote as to if it is smart for me to be fearless here. If I want to save lives here, I need to educate readers as to what you are doing and what Mr. Hsiung is doing and what you are both doing in concert so that readers are not misled to think that the drugs promoted here are safer than they really are because material facts are allowed by Mr. Hsiung to be left out completely contrary to the FDA rules for promoting drugs. By those facts being allowed to be left out here, readers could be led to their deaths by thinking that it is supportive by Mr. Hsiung for the drugs to be promoted here without following the FDA rules which could allow readers to think that the drugs are safer than they really are.
It will take someone greater than me to stop you and Mr.Hsiung from promoting drugs that could induce life-ruining conditions, addiction and death without being compliant with the FDA rules.
This is not a level playing field for me here, for I am under great prohibitions here from Mr. Hsiung where others are not. You can post harmful messages here about me with impunity so that they decrease the respect, regard and confidence in which I am held which could cause readers to ignore what I post here. By mothers seeing your posts against me and your post that portrays Jews as inferior to Christians as Jews are unsaved and if they convert to Christianity they will be saved, that tactic to defame Jews has been used for centuries and has resulted in millions of Jews being killed. It is a powerful influence to vulnerable readers to see a psychiatrist allow you to post that against Jews with impunity, and worse, he says that if he leaves those type of statements to be seen as supportive by him, he is doing such so that it will be good for his community as a whole, so he thinks. That type of thinking has been used to justify slavery, infanticide, discrimination, segregation and genocide and all other crimes against humanity. But people can awake and see the horror of death that has come from that type of thinking to justify crimes against humanity. And some day it is my great conviction that it will be seen here what is plainly visible and the eyes will be opened by those deceived by that the rules by the FDA are not being complied with here in the promotion of these drugs that could lead to children killing themselves and others. And it has been revealed to me that those killed by the drugs here that you promote without posting material facts that could mislead readers to their deaths, will see you one more time again.




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