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Lous reply-duyu SLS

Posted by Lou Pilder on July 19, 2015, at 21:15:56

In reply to Questions unanswered - Part #2 Lou Pilder, posted by SLS on July 17, 2015, at 18:21:22

> Do you disagree with the following statement?
> "The Faith board is an invitation to accept that people will subscribe to alternate religious tenets that are often in conflict with those of others."
> - Scott
The faith forum has it's rules well-defined. The rules are that it is fine to post bout what you believe s long s what you post does not put down those of other faiths. Further, the rules include that some foundations of some faiths can not be posted at all. And just because one believes it, or the bible states it, being supportive takes precedence, even if there is some truth to whatever is in question.
As to an answer to your question, there is not a faith stipulated that is prohibited to be posted about, for it is if what is posted puts down/accuses others of other faiths, even if it is the foundation of the faith in question.
For instance, Christiandom posters post about the Jesus of their group and that is part of the goals of the forum, for the goals are to post about the service and worship of God. What is prohibited is if what they post puts down those of other faiths.
Since the purpose of the forum is to post about the service and worship of God, that would exclude posting about atheism, even if atheism is considered a religion and also would exclude agnosticism for the same reason as those beliefs do not support the purpose of the forum since one says that they do not accept a God and the other says they do not know. The God in question is not stipulated in the forum's purpose. And different religions can have different gods.
So one could post about the god of the flying spaghetti monster as long as what they post does not put down those of other faiths. So if one posts that the flying spaghetti monster was given the ultimate truth, that could mean that the poster is saying that their faith has the ultimate truth, so the other faiths are beneath
them which is the generally accepted meaning of the slang term {put down}, so that would be squashed here, even if there was a thin version of that.




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