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Lou's reply-please list the errors 10derheart

Posted by Lou Pilder on May 2, 2015, at 9:17:33

In reply to ROTFLMAO so many errors and assumptions (nm) Lou Pilder, posted by 10derheart on May 1, 2015, at 22:14:10

10 and friends,
Be advised that there are people that read this site from all over the world. And what stands here can be considered to be civil and supportive and will be good for this community as a whole in Mr. Hsiung's thinking. Where these posts that accuse and put down Jews and deride Judaism itself are allowed to be seen as supportive here, that could mean that those readers could think that not only is the anti-Semitic propaganda that is seen as supportive in Mr. Hsiung's thinking, but it could also be that all of the deputies of record consider the anti-Semitic propaganda civil to them. There is a rational basis for them to think that because Mr. Hsiung states that any reply (or inaction which is a reply or indifference) {...comes from all of us...}.
This is nothing new here by Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record to leave my notifications un acted upon by them. The historical record shows how tyrannical leaders bent on the destruction of the Jews promised their subjects that in the future what they are doing in persecuting the Jews would be good for their country (and logically good for some of them). The game-plan was to lead the non-Jews in the country to believe that Jews are inferior, guilty of deicide, replaced by christiandom people, and dehumanize them and discriminate against them, denying them equal protection of the laws, and making them out to be the enemies of them, using them for scapegoats for real or imagined ills of the country, so that those persecuting the Jews could falsely believe that they were not doing the harm to another human being, that is why in war-crimes trials to those that committed acts against the Jews were charged with crimes against humanity. The anti-Semitic propaganda allowed to be seen here as supportive, dehumanizes Jews and me as a Jew here so that other posters can post hatred and defamation and dehumanizing statements against me here with impunity, for after all, readers could think that Mr. Hsiung promises that it will be good for the community as a whole in his thinking to allow it. So posters posting anti-Semitic propaganda and defamation toward me could think that they are doing "good", for Mr. Hsiung says to [..."trust me"...].
The game-plan goes on and on because they can break their own rules which could lead a subset of readers to think by them being allowed to discriminate, insults their intelligence to even be a member here, for the deputies and Mr. Hsiung are their own umpires, their own jury, their own prosecutors, They can change their own rules in the middle of the game. They can ignore their own rules, they can change their own rules, they can evade and misrepresent as to what support means, even claiming that their TOS is based on fairness and The Golden Rule, and all of this could result IMHHHO in the deaths of innocent children and adults that come here for support thinking that there is a level playing field here and find that the rules change to tilt the field in a distortion that could cause one to vomit.
If there are any errors in what I posted that the former deputy called "10derheart" says that there is, I would like to see them so that I could post my response to her or anyone else that wants to go along with her.
Here is a previous post that I would like readers to see.




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