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Lou's respone-deputies or record 10derheart

Posted by Lou Pilder on May 1, 2015, at 17:35:25

In reply to Re: There are no deputies to intervene ClearSkies, posted by 10derheart on May 1, 2015, at 12:21:37

> Just correcting Mr. Pilder's erroneous use of the present tense - over and over and over and over and over again - when calling for the actions he says are not happening but should be on posts he believes are....whatever he believes they are.
> I can't stop caring when I (we) who haven't been deputies here literally for years, are wrongly accused. It won't do a whit of good, I know, when opinions are presented as fact, and actual facts ignored, but it makes me feel a tiny bit less powerless.

What is a deputy of record? Many of you already know that there have been many deputies and not all of the deputies were deputies at the same time. As of now, there is a deputy of record as can be determined in the TOS/FAQ. Previously, the FAQ had different deputies and there were additions/deletions to the record in the FAQ as to who they could be at different times.
The issue at hand here is who were the deputies that received my notifications and did not act according to the TOS here on those. They were the deputies that were on record in the TOS/FAQ at the time of the notification from me. That is why I use the phrase, {deputy of record}, so I can identify only those deputies that were recorded in the FAQ at the time of the post in question that did not act on the notification from me.
You see, the outstanding notifications from me could be acted on by Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record. Because Mr. Hsiung states that he leaves my notifications outstanding, those deputies {of record} would also have to not act on those notifications or then if they did, the notification would not be outstanding. So it is not only Mr. Hsiung that is leaving my notifications outstanding, it is also the deputies of record that are leaving them outstanding.
This denies me equal protection of the TOS here which could be thought by a subset of readers to constitute discrimination against me that could IMHO create a climate of hate that could be acted out in real-world situations, as that subset of readers could think that the anti-Semitic propaganda allowed to be seen here as supportive, could be acted out in anti-Semitic violence because that subset of readers could think that anti-Semitism is supportive and will be good for their community as a whole because Mr. Hsiung does what in his thinking will be good for his community as a whole and then since the deputies did not also act on the notifications, those readers could think that those deputies or record also think the same. What is worse, is that for Mr. Hsiung to leave a notification from me outstanding, and years of them, all the deputies of record would also have to turn their back to me, so in order for that to happen, a subset of readers could think that there could be a complicity between Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record, for how else could he keep the notification from being acted on by the deputies of record? You see, for Mr. Hsiung to say that he can leave any of my notifications outstanding, and there are years of them, even if another member notified the same post, he could ignore that notification so that my notification could not be acted on by him, and the deputies of record could have a real problem then because not only are they discriminating against me, but they also have to discriminate against another to pull it off with Mr. Hsiung to keep the notification from being acted on.
This is nothing new, but an old way that deputies have to do the wishes of the one deputizing them, or they could resign. But by resigning, that does not annul the fact that when they were deputies of record, I think that they were responsible for implementing the policies of Mr. Hsiung and in the posts involved in my notifications, they did not when they could have.




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