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Lou's response-discrmdestroyz Dr. Bob

Posted by Lou Pilder on March 23, 2015, at 11:16:00

In reply to Re: the actual topic, posted by Dr. Bob on March 22, 2015, at 11:33:26

> > ...of these posts:
> >
> > yours and my rampant, ongoing, pervasive, condoning of antisemitism??
> >
> > A special LP board perhaps?
> I do see Lou as special, but with being seen as "special" comes the risk of being seen as "other". In what way is he special? I posted recently that I saw him as eternally vigilant. I also see him as questioning authority. Does anybody else question authority?
> Google took me to:
> > "Question authority" is a popular slogan ... popularized by controversial psychologist Timothy Leary,[1] although some people have suggested that the idea behind the slogan can be traced back to the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates.[2] ... Following the Watergate Scandal ... the slogan became arguably the most accepted form of ideology among baby boomers.[4]
> >
> > It is intended to encourage people to avoid fallacious appeals to authority. The term has always symbolized the necessity of paying attention to the rules and regulations promulgated by a government unto its citizenry. However, psychologists have also criticized Leary's method of questioning authority and have argued that it resulted in widespread dysfunctionality.[5]
> And:
> > An employee who challenges your authority disrupts the workforce and negatively impacts the morale within a department or division by distracting other workers from the task at hand. In a small business, a challenge to management's authority is likely to be even more pervasive. Because of the small size of the company, the negative morale will permeate the entire organization quickly, reducing productivity and having a detrimental effect on the business overall. Small business owners must recognize challenges to their authority and act quickly to prevent the behavior from reoccurring.
> How do you respond to authority? To challenges to your own authority?
> I myself do tend to question authority, and when my own authority is questioned, I can feel hurt, and irritated, and impatient, and doubt myself, and challenge the challenger.
> Bob

Mr. Hsiung,
You wrote that you see me as questioning authority. That is not what I am doing. I am not questioning your authority but trying to stop you from abusing me and abusing Jews by abusing your authority by discriminating in that you are allowing anti-Semitism to be posted here with impunity, by not applying your rules equally which can be considered to be discrimination per se. If you think that you have the authority to allow antisemitic hate to be seen as supportive and will be good for this community as a whole in your thinking, that does not annul the fact that just because you give yourself that authority, by allowing the anti-Semitic hate, your rules here are not being enforced equally which allows Jews to be seen stigmatized as being without the equal protection of your rules. And without that protection, Jews could become targets of hate by reading here and seeing anti-Semitism being allowed to be seen in your thinking as supportive where it is originally posted. I am not questioning your authority, for discrimination is an abuse of authority and does not harm a workplace environment to try to stop it, for discrimination harms those that are targets of discrimination and harm is not supportive and discrimination could destroy a community.
Lou Pilder




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