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Re: politics

Posted by Dinah on January 29, 2009, at 21:54:56

In reply to Re: politics Dinah, posted by Toph on January 29, 2009, at 14:50:58

Dr. Bob has indicated that it against site policy to post things that could lead supporters of a politician or citizens of a country, etc. to feel accused or put down.

I believed that comparisons to Hitler would fall into this category.

Until Dr. Bob says otherwise, comparisons to Hitler are not allowed under site policy. If Dr. Bob rules that it is not in fact uncivil to compare to Hitler, then everyone will be free to compare anyone or anything they wish to Hitler. I will follow Dr. Bob's guidance in the matter.

In the course of deciding what violates board policy in the area of Politics, it is inevitable that at times deputies will interpret the guidelines differently than Dr. Bob would. Reasonable people do differ in their interpretations, and Dr. Bob and the deputies are aware of that.

But until and unless Dr. Bob overrides the decision, it is important not to compare anyone to Hitler. But it would be fine to say, for example "I think comparisons to Hitler should be considered civil."

A PBC doesn't say anything about a poster. It's a clarification of board policy or a reminder of board policy. A block only means that a poster has continued to do what they have previously been PBC'd for. It isn't punishment, and it isn't indictment of a poster. It is merely the only method to reinforce a PBC if reinforcement is needed.

I have tried, per a previous discussion with a Politics board poster, to use PBC's in an educational way, since enforcement on the board until recently has been lax. So in that spirit, I did everything I possibly could to explain, to point out civil alternatives, etc. If it is helpful, I will continue to do so. If it proves not to be helpful, I will discontinue.

If you wish Dr. Bob to consider comparisons to Hitler civil, you may email him with that information, or post here "I wish for comparisons to Hitler to be considered civil."

I hope this is helpful, because I do not see it as within my abilities to clarify further.




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