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Lou's request for consideration-plnyvzbl?

Posted by Lou Pilder on August 5, 2008, at 8:30:00

In reply to Re: Lou's reply to 10derHeart-gwzptduck? Dena, posted by Zeba on July 29, 2008, at 21:09:24

> Crap; I wasn't on the board then, but to suggest it is okay to slander a group of people because the person has been victimized is just plain ridiculous. So, I was victimized too, but that didn't stop anyone from pulling the plug on me if I said something even slightly negative. I have had things happen to me hear that were given the brush off, but god forbid if I did the same. I would be blocked in a flash. In my experience,things are not always fair here. I also think it is impossible for deputies to be objective. We are all human. I don't think Dr. Bob is all that objective either from what I have seen. So, I don't come here much anymore and certainly would not post about anything personal anymore. I don't need the grief. I just don't pay attention to much here anymore but was asked to take a look at this thread.
> You know I am a Unitarian Universalist, and my church is now being targeted by hate groups. Just this weekend the UU church in Knoxville was attacked and but for the heroism of a few, at least 200 would have been killed. Two were killed, and that is two too many.
> Zeba
> Zeba

If you are considering posting a response here in this thread, I am requesting that you consider the generally accepted meanings as to what is anti-Semitism. If you could, then I think that you could be better able to post any response that you are considering here, if any. Here is a list of the generally accepted aspects of what constitutes anti-Semitism.
A. Allegations of sterotyping of a Jew or Jews as a people and calling for a justification of the sterotyping of Jews.
B. Punishing a Jew or Jews for their unique beliefs or for their refusal to accept the claimes of Christianity.
C. Having an attitude or even a policy directed toward a Jew or Jews as a people
D. Placing a restriction on a Jew in a community while not enforcing that same restriction on others.
E. Using a Jew or the Jewish people as a scapegoat for problems in a community.
F. Fueling anti-Semitic feelings by allowing ideology that purports that one faith is superior to the Jewish faith.
G. Allowing the promulgation of an ideology by not stopping it immediatly of racial anti-Semitism.
H. Attempting to eliminate the influence of a Jew by expulsion or policies that do not allow the Jewish perspective.
K. Prejudice angainst a Jew or the Jewish people as indicated by an attitude of indifference to the Jew or the Jewish people.
L. Having additional requierments to a Jew or to the Jewish people than to others.
M. Using a selection process that denies a Jew or the Jewish people equal opportunity in a community.
N. Favoring attitudes in a community that could arrouse hostility toward a Jew or the Jewish people by allowing others to not be prevented from fueling anti-Semitic feelings.
P. Other definitions of anti-Semitism not listed.
If you would like to have dialog concerning what the above could mean in more detail, you could email me if you like.




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