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Lou's request for consideration-ad Ignorantiam

Posted by Lou PIlder on July 30, 2008, at 17:00:03

In reply to corrected links--afmgtheconsqnt, posted by Lou PIlder on July 29, 2008, at 14:30:39

> > > Friends,
> > > If you are considering responding in this thread, I am requesting that you click on the offered link here in relation to fallacies of denial, such as the fallacy of {denying the antecedent or consequent}, red herring, straw man, and other fallacious arguments so as those that may not be aquainted with those fallacies, then they could have a better understanding IMO and be better able to see them if they can be seen.
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > Lou
> >
> > Friends,
> > If you are considering posting in this thread, I am requesting that you click on the offered links to see the fallacy of [...Affirming the consequent...].
> > I think that if you look at that before you post, that it may be easier to see that fallacy if it comes up.
> > Affirming the consequent usually goes along with arguments in the form if this than that.
> > here are two links and the second one could be used for looking into other fallacies that may be seen.
> > _consequent
> >
> > Lou
> Friends,
> Here are the correted links for [...Affirming the consequent...]
> Lou

If you are considering osting in response to the aspects of this thread, I am requesting that you consider the content in the offered link here.
The link goes to describe what is known as the {Agument ad Ignorantam}.
This argument is when he/she says that something must be wrong with what another says because he/she is unwilling to fully consider that what the other says might be true, or is unwilloing to believe evidence which does not support his/her claim. This is also when someone says that they can't believe what the other person says , so it can't be true. this argument is also incurred when one is not permitted to state arguments that give evidence that what he/she claimes might not be true.
Here is a link to {Argument ad Ignorantiam} so that IMO if one aquaints themselves with the fallacy, they could IMO be better able to recognize it if it can be seen.




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