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Please be civil twinleaf

Posted by Deputy 10derHeart on July 26, 2008, at 20:53:37

In reply to multiple complaints..., posted by twinleaf on July 26, 2008, at 15:28:37

> nearly every active thread is responded to, without regard to whether or not something useful can be offered.
>posters who respond to almost everything, without waiting until they have something real to offer
>the overall quality of our site begins to go down.

I'm going to ask you to please not post anything that could lead others to feel accused or put down, such as those who respond to "almost everything" or post to a lot of threads.

If you or others have questions about this or about posting policies in general, or are interested in alternative ways of expressing yourself, please see the FAQ:

Follow-ups regarding these issues should be directed to Admin and should of course be civil. Dr. Bob has oversight over deputy decisions, and he may choose a different action.

>But it is far more difficult for posters who have legitimate concerns or complaints about the conduct of a site to gain a hearing.

As part of the administration here, I think we're willing to listen to most anything that concerns posters - thus the existence of this sometimes very *active* board! But - and I am likely misunderstanding - I'm not sure what you mean by difficult. As long as posts are civil, posters are free to voice their concerns and complaints here. If posters can't figure out how to word something within the guidelines, they are welcome to Babblemail the deputies for assistance. Some areas are still problematic, true, and those are probably best handled privately, by email to Dr. Bob.

Whether either method will get an actual *hearing* is certainly an excellent point, and perhaps that is what you meant? I have no idea if or when Dr. Bob might reply to emails. I think I've emailed him once or twice in 4+ years. And (I realize I'm stating the obvious to many) as Dr. Bob presently spends very little time here, and he is the only one that can bring about changes posters might want, well.....the issue remains :-( It does feel very frustrating when he is sporadically/rarely available for discussions.

>Does Administration have anything constructive it can do to return the boards to their previous level of functioning?

I guess I don't understand this in relation to the prior posts on this thread. Even if Dr. Bob showed interest in limiting number or frequency of posts (which he has not so far, to my knowledge), I'm unclear how this would be a way to return Babble to what it was at some point in the past. These ideas seem so very subjective to me, e.g., the meanings of "constructive" "previous level of functioning," as well as characterizations like "useful" "something real to offer," and so forth - don't they all mean vastly different things to different people? Also, perhaps some posters think Babble is functioning well, or at least - well enough?

I'm sorry it sounds like you don't feel heard; I wish I could offer something more constructive.

-- 10derHeart, acting as deputy for Dr. Bob




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