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Re: Lou's response to TexasChick's post-Lou's anom

Posted by Jost on August 18, 2006, at 11:06:11

In reply to Lou's response to TexasChick's post-Lou's anomol;y TexasChic, posted by Lou Pilder on August 17, 2006, at 20:03:07

> TC,
> In examining all what is behind this rule, I have not yet posted what I think is plainly visible as to why this rule was made here. Tyhis could be so shocking that I have waited to this time to post what is plainly visible.
> You see, first, it is a well-known fact here that I have a rare neurological affliction that impairs my spelling and writing. This is all connected to my hearing, like Ludwig von Beethoven. It is all related to music and math and can cause me to not remember some time and to have sensual problems that could cause me to not remember rules that are arbitrary, caprecious or discriminatory, also, because I repress those rules because of the great pain they cause me by my thinking that the rule was made to me, for I have felt the lash of discrimination and that sensitivity is plainly visible. So the more rules to me, the more likely I will not remember them all and stumble and be expelled for a year. And if I am subjected to extreme humiliation, such as mocking or riducule, or being bullied or ganged up on, or being subjected to antisemitic defamation as being a Jew, I can not rememeber all the rules to me even more so and fall into posting more than 3 consecutive posts, eventually....
> Lou

Hi, Lou.

Could you explain a little more about how this condition affects your posting on Babble?

Would it be possible to write individual posts over the course of several sittings, so that instead of writing and then posting, you could write, and put what you've written aside. Then you could come back to it and write some more. Then each post would include more of what you want to say,

That way, you could:

--organize your ideas
--rephrase or re-construct the paragraphs, so they read more easily
--do any other editing, including making sure each idea is only stated once
-- include more ideas than if you post each time you sit down, and then have many posts

Many posts can be harder to follow, and may cause you to repeat certain ideas, instead of moving to the next idea.

This repeating of ideas that are very important to you may also be confusing to others. I've felt somewhat confused in reading certain things several times.

I hope to see you take advantage of Psychobabble and feel more at ease and more accepted here.





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