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Dr Bob

Posted by Nickengland on August 6, 2005, at 19:25:36

Hello Dr Bob,

>i like watching train wrecks. it's a morbid fascination.

I read the newspapers everyday. I also watch the news everyday. I drive past train stations several times a week and see police presence outside of train stations due to the fact that trains here have been bombed and resulted in 'train wrecks' I have been on a train recently and have seen armed police on these trains for preventing bombs threats, which in turn would cause a 'train wreck' - This kind of behaviour right now is unheard of in the UK, and is a scary time for many people who feel we are at threat.

>it does feel a bit like kindergarten sometimes

To have the issue I am describing not even addressed, but to have it described as 'kindergarten' is actually behond my belief, Dr Bob.

If for some obscure reason a victim/witness from such a 'train wreck' was to see that the admistration of this site is descibing the issues I have talked about and feel very strongly about seeing as people have died and my own mother has to use trains every day, only to be described as 'kindergarten' without even an apology in sight. Then i'm afriad something is seriously not quite right here. I'm a grown adult, and have raised a very delicate issue with which the statement reads.

I will certainly not be posting to crushedout, as requested and also would like to add that I do not harass people and never have done.

The main point of my post Dr Bob is as a British citizen I take great offense that someone could even link the term of what I had to express of being kindergarten with deaths that have occured from trains wrecks.

I'm personally dropping the subject now and not returning to post on Administration again as I see this place as quite an unhealthy breeding ground for arguments, disputes and the like.

I've noticed serveral things on this particular board. One of which is there are alot of longterm posters here who have perhaps been blocked many times before, but now mainly choose to only post in administration. Why? with a place mainly for disputes I do not know. One theory I think is certain is that they certainly know how to post accordinly without breaking any 'uncivil' rules. At the same time they also know how to boarder on the edge of them, in the very place where most people get blocked or recieve warnings. I think for support and education this has to be the most controversial board of all and perhaps the most unhealthy to individuals who post here.

Therefore its not my intention to devote such time in my life to this type of support. I'll be using the other board where theres far more positive energy surrounding the other areas.

I commend the longterm posters who manage to stay here and at the same time offer support, theres only a very small amount, but you are a very talented bunch of people!

I hope that some of the longerterm posters who are at difficult times on this board, will at some stage realise like when you take a psychiatric drug and it no longer works...perhaps its time to change boards. If you look, you'll see somethings are not very healthy here and mind games are not very healthy with mentally ill people.

Obviously to anyone who wishes to reply to me message directly to me it would not be a good idea as im not posting anymore on this board.




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