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Re: Civility or censorship? fires

Posted by alexandra_k on February 21, 2005, at 15:03:40

In reply to Re: Civility or censorship? AuntieMel, posted by fires on February 21, 2005, at 13:45:52

>I find it almost impossible to state my opinions without getting banned. Seems some opinions are by their very nature considered uncivil, no matter how carefully they are stated.

>I've always been careful to attack ideas only -- not people -- but I still get banned.

Maybe it is the 'attacking' nature of it (I am quoting you by your own admission). That kind of thing tends to result in getting peoples backs up and escalating the situation. A 'carefully stated' attack is an attack nonetheless. Not very supportive I would have thought.

> Yes. I believe that they are facts, but to try and be more civil I state that they are opinions.

Hmm. So have you made your mind up on that before you have even heard other people say what they have to say? If that is so then once again you will find that people are most likely to respond defensively.

>It's been my experience as a skeptic/rationalist that some people "don't let the facts get in the way of their opinions."

Ouch. You don't seem to think too highly of other people and their opinions. The facts aren't fixed anyway.

You also seem to be confusing facts with opinions (by your own admission). You say you state 'facts' as 'opinions' in an attempt to be more civil. Then you say other people don't let the 'facts' (or do you mean to say your opinions) get in the way of theirs.

I think a civility buddy could be a good idea...
I too like to argue. But I don't like to have people get their backs up when discussing things with me. If people get upset then that tends to get in the way of what could have been a productive discussion at the very least.

Nobody has a fixed view on the facts.
Not you.
Not me.
Not any of us.
If you want to discuss things so as to hear other perspectives so that you may come to learn something then that is great.
If you just want to have an arguement and get some sort of pleasure out of upsetting people and if you are convinced you are right before you even bring up the topic - not saying you do do this, but if you do - then I think it only fair that you get blocked.

Just my opinion FWIW
Something to think about...




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