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Re: Dinah? Gabbix2

Posted by Fallen4MyT on January 31, 2005, at 18:22:06

In reply to Re: Dinah?, posted by Gabbix2 on January 31, 2005, at 14:14:21

I will leave when I even think there are select groups. I KNOW there are some off shoots...

Way back when I was a kid...maybe age 12 we had an interracial couple move into our very white and upper middle class suberb...I spoke with them often when I went to visit friends a couple blocks away..I would wave and say hi ask them dumb kid questions...they seemed SO greatful for that. At the time I didn't see that ..I was a kid...My dad even made comments on that dirty white woman who married a .....(dad was a very nice man normally) and ALL the rest of the neighborhood did NOT speak to them..This is true...*nobody EVEN looked at them* (kind of a what you don't see deal) they would just let them know by their silence they did not belong. You know closed doors.. Not even 6 months later....I was on my way to a friends house and no curtains were in the window..they moved....paid a lot of cash to move into our area to be ignored and treated like garbage. *I* will never be a part of something so distasteful. To this day in my old neighborhood you see few to zero black people...Where I live now a small town of 8000 with OLD MONEY you see no blacks at all minus shopping...It's like we have a gated community....they FEEL they are not welcome as I am sure some in here will too....I hate that what you see won't hurt you is insulting. I will blow outta babble when that time comes that we have to hide and not be with all ...I will survive. I guess what some posters on here do not realize about me is. I could care less if I lost Babble myself I am fighting to keep what many of you seem to care about as well as the posters who will be shut out...Yeah it's a small town clique is all. If you hide it to me, that is just worse than not ..and very hypocritical. Lets have a country club in a hills so the blacks and jewish people don't know they are excluded...ugh..sickening

> > This is just another addition to my opinion. To hide these groups from the eyes of others. Seems to me to be just a sneakier way to insult all of us more and allow us to be Country Club members with a gold key in a good club.
> It's true, people do have a way of finding out.
> However, I really think that the rooms just won't work. There just aren't enough babblers altogether, nevermind enough who would be interested in a private room. The social board is hardly crowded with posters, the student board eventually had to become unrestricted and
> I've seen posts on the 2000 board that have been made just to keep it from being closed. I have too much faith in Babblers to worry about having to leave over this, if it is implemented I'll just have to wait until I get over my annoyance with Dr.Bob and I've managed to do that more than a few times. : (




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