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Re: Orwellian nightmare Dr. Bob

Posted by kid47 on March 3, 2004, at 12:06:26

In reply to Re: Orwellian nightmare, posted by Dr. Bob on March 3, 2004, at 0:52:14

> > The right to say "I'm offended" doesn't seem much to ask.
> That's a nice I-statement, it's fine to say it. :-)
> Bob

>>*I* found the handle to be offensive.

I don't usually post to matters concerning "blocks, PBC's, etc. I find this alleged transgression involving civility "guidlines" to be incomprehensible. The vague and capricious nature of these "guidlines" and their enforcement makes it extremely difficult to express meaningful thoughts and feelings; this to a group with many who already have difficulty expressing themselves. I think most of us try our best to adhere to what I would call a very....."fluid" civility policy. I do find myself on occasion questioning the motives behind the interpretation and enforcement of perceived civility breaches. I understand for any community to exist, there must be some type of protocol established. Possibly there are some of us here who need instruction and supervision on "civil" communication. But there are instances, and this qualifies, when for the life of me, I can't figure out what possible *positive* motivation is behind a decision to block someone from posting. I am not going to rehash the facts of this particular incident. They speak for themselves. I would ask that some rational explanation of how the above posts are mutually exclusive when they appear to me to be expressing identical sentiments. In the past, responses to similar requests have run the gambit from reasonable to feeling dismissive. An attitude of "well, it's my ball and if you don't like the rules go play somewhere else", no matter how "thoughtfully" worded feels to me childish and demeaning. The admission of imperfection in the system does not necessarily justify the imperfection. It would be GREAT if once or twice a year the administration here would just publicly state, "I've reconsidered" with regards to a block. If the administrations concerns are as forthright and altruistic as I believe they are, and not about taking the opportunity to merely demonstrate control and arbitrarily force compliance, this particular instance presents a perfect opportunity to portray that. Many of us, especially those with mental disorders, perceive a stinging sense of unfairness in our world. Wouldn't it be nice if occasionally we were allowed to feel some measure of recourse?!?

These are my thoughts, feelings and perceptions only and are not intended to put anyone down or pressure them in any way. If anyone feels put down, pressured, offended, tortured, assaulted, deceived, hurt, ripped-off, humiliated, slighted, smited, decalcified, clarified, homogenized or is just plain upset by anything I've said here, I am truly





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