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Re: A different view of safety Dr. Bob

Posted by mair on January 22, 2004, at 8:13:45

In reply to Re: A different view of safety, posted by Dr. Bob on January 17, 2004, at 5:04:32

> --
> "I thought maybe I'd try reminding posters if I PBC them that they can post here to ask for more of an explanation or for suggestions on alternative ways to express themselves."
> > "I regret saying that people can see blocks and PBCs as a learning experience. Yes they can, in theory. But how many do? Honestly it took me weeks to get over my feelings about being PBC'd.. and I've not yet been blocked. It became a learning experience.. eventually, after a lot of pain and upset."
> >

I wonder how many of us feel safer because you've found Larry's posts to be in violation of your civility rules. I wonder how many of us feel a little worse about this site because we've had to witness yet another rather wrenching controversy over the fine shades of meaning which determine civility, followed by a sanction which seems way out of proportion, followed by the all-too-inevitable disaffection and disappearance of yet another valued poster.

I think what this board has just been through with Larry and St James will continue to happen over and over again so long as you objectify that which is inherently subjective. If your determination about civility falls into the "reasonable people can differ" category, it can certainly be discussed but it shouldn't be applied in a way which results in some sanction. And in most cases I don't think it's a learning process at all for the board as a whole, certainly not for posters who are wise enough never to cross the portals of the admin board.

What exacerbates this is the predictably uneven and seemingly arbitrary application of your standard of civility, which makes things around here sometimes seem more like rule by ambush - and the dramatic escalation of penalties which injects a measure of emotional turmoil into what should be just a discussion about why you view someone's post in a different way from the way the poster intended it. (it's like the "3 strikes you're out" laws which fail to differentiate between comparatively petty crime involving no physical harm to others, and homicides)

This Board has to have a system where you make the determinations about what is civil and what is not. I don't think anyone here wants you to give up that function. (although a more common sensical approach might be nice). I do think however that we would all be better served if you recognized that standards like "be supportive" cannot truly be applied in an objective and even way and that posts which are not as easily pegged as uncivil should be a topic of discussion, but not, without more, a reason for a block.

Mair -( who wishes that Board controversies only happened in July when I am more easily distracted by healthier pursuits.)




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