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Re: A different view of safety

Posted by Dr. Bob on January 17, 2004, at 5:04:32

In reply to Re: A different view of safety, posted by tabitha on January 16, 2004, at 2:23:30

> What's telling to me is the number of PBCs and blocks which emanate from the admin board... a questionable PBC leads to escalating discussions... Ultimately some people get frustrated over not being heard or not being answered and ultimately say something that makes Bob target them.

I think PBA is different. It's the only board that doesn't have support as a mission. It's also where I post the most myself. But I don't think that means things *have* to escalate... Madwand mentioned the Jungian Shadow:

Maybe PBA is the Shadow of this site?

> to me the atmosphere here has gotten more suffocating as his enforcement has gotten more rigid.
> I realize that having so many more posters has necessitated more vigilance.

Shar said it's like this used to be a small town and now it's a big city:

I agree and think "law enforcement" has had to adapt...

So maybe we should try boards limited in "population"?

> whatever upset I felt from that pales in comparison to ... the anguish I feel when posters fall by the wayside ... who were otherwise nurturing sources of emotional support and who were once unabashed champions of this site.
> Mair

That makes me sad, too, I wish there were a way to keep that from happening.


> I still think it would help a lot for Bob to work harder to educate people about his standards. I think I finally got it about not making accusations and subtle put-downs.. after reading admin and watching blocks for over a year.. and consulting with my therapist.. and researching and looking up outside sources.

I thought maybe I'd try reminding posters if I PBC them that they can post here to ask for more of an explanation or for suggestions on alternative ways to express themselves. Maybe then you could help "educate" them, too?

> I regret saying that people can see blocks and PBCs as a learning experience. Yes they can, in theory. But how many do? Honestly it took me weeks to get over my feelings about being PBC'd.. and I've not yet been blocked. It became a learning experience.. eventually, after a lot of pain and upset.
> tabitha

Some things take time to learn? Or to unlearn? Thanks for working so hard on it.





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