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Re: Lou's response to Dr. Bob's post-VC-2 Dr. Bob

Posted by Lou Pilder on April 13, 2003, at 14:08:56

In reply to Re: Lou's respomses, posted by Dr. Bob on April 9, 2003, at 1:02:03

Dr. Bob,
You wrote,[...I feel it is more important for people to not feel harrased than for people to be able to ask questions...].
I do not believe that a question to another poster constitutes [harrassment]. Harrasment is ruled out when a request for clarification is a result of what the poster being asked to clarify had directed to the one requesting clarification.
If a person feels harrased, that feeling that they have may be a result of an {internal} condition that they have, and not a result of being asked a question by another poster, and I think that it is better to not allow a poster to declare that another poster to not be allowed to respond to them, thus allowing to create stigmatization here on a public forum to that poster that responds to that poster.
If a person writes that they feel harrased, that may not necessarily be the real reason that they are declaring that another poster can not respond to what they wrote, for others could respond to what they wrote and that is permiissible here, so they may have an ulterior motive to declare that another poster can not respond to them. They could be attempting to defame the other poster and want to try and prevent the other poster from correcting the potentually defaming statement. They may be predudiced to the other poster. They may hate the other poster. They may be trying to conceal their unjustfied ill -feelings to the other poster by preventing them from exposing them by requesting clarification from them. After all, the complaint that is seen here that is used to attempt me from requesting clarification is that the request,[...put them on the spot...], not that they consider a request for clarification to constitute harrassment.
If a person declares that another can't post to them because they claim that they are being harrassed by the other poster, it could be that , in actuallity, that the poster claiming harrassement is harassing the one that is responding to what they wrote, for the statement in question that one is responding to may allude to being an accusatory or defaming statement to another poster that would like clarification of what they wrote.
I do not belive that it is harrasment to be a discussant on a public forum and be able to freely request clarification from a poster about what they wrote, for if what they are writing is in violation of the code here, then the moderator could always intercede, thus making any such decaration to [...don't post to me...] to be unecessary.




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