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Re: Dinah

Posted by Dinah on October 28, 2002, at 23:06:49

In reply to Dinah Dinah, posted by Lou Pilder on October 28, 2002, at 21:45:04

> Dinah,
> You wrote,[However, you are quoting statements made before the change in the rules to prove that Dr. Bob is being unfair. But those statements were made *before* the rule changes]
> Are you saying that before the new rule, that Dr. Bob was unfair and that the new rules will make the future to be fair? If so, how will the new rule change the unfairness, if it was unfair before the change? If you can clarify that for me, then I could better communicate with you in this discussion.
> Lou

I'll be happy to clarify that Lou. I did not (of course) say that Dr. Bob was unfairly applying the rules either before or after the rule change. I said that Dr. Bob had clarified the rules for the relatively new faith board. I said that you were comparing posts from before the rule change with prospective posts after the rule change and concluding that Dr. Bob was being unfair to you. And that doing so was not fair to Dr. Bob, in my opinion.

Again, in my opinion only, Dr. Bob is only being unfair if he applied the old rules in a way that were unfair to you *before* the rule change. Or if he applies the new rules in a way that is unfair to you *after* the rule change. And that you can't compare posts from *before* and *after*.

As an example, suppose a school changes the dress code. Before the dress code was changed, it was ok to wear T-Shirts to school. After only shirts with collars are allowed. Now say a student wears a T-Shirt to school after the rule change and is sent home to change. That student can't claim that he is being unfairly treated because last year (before the change in the dress code) another student was allowed to wear a T-shirt. But he could claim that he is being unfairly treated if another student was allowed to wear a T-shirt after the change in the dress code, while he was not allowed to wear one.

Now mind you, the students can (and almost certainly would) complain that the change in dress code was a bad idea. Just as you can complain that you don't like the new rules on the faith board. Goodness only knows, I complained enough about the 2000 and 2001 boards. It didn't have an effect on the outcome, but I did complain.

But I am merely suggesting that you wait and watch for future posts on the faith board, and if you think someone is being treated differently from you under the new rules to ask for a rationale at that point.

The rationale at this point is that the new rules were not yet in place when the posts you keep referring to were made.




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