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Re: Correction to the URL in the above NikkiT2

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 24, 2002, at 11:22:53

In reply to Re: Correction to the URL in the above Lou Pilder, posted by NikkiT2 on October 24, 2002, at 10:47:56

One of the statements is ,"that He sent His only Son for you"
Now it is my understanding that by saying that, the poster is posting the foundation of christianity. This is what Christians (must)(should) (shall) beleive in order to be a Christian.
I am posting what myself as a jew must (should) (shall) believe to be a jew, and I will be restrained from posting that, yet the christian person is not restrained .
Also, when the Rider, who is the Word of God in my experiance, said to me, "you shall have no other Gods before me", He wasn't saying that to you anymore than the Christian person on this board is saying what they said in their post to you or me. I am only telling my experiance with my faith here and so are the others. The difference is that I will be restrained from telling the foundation of my faith and christians are not restrained from telling their foundation of their faith. And I am not being disrespected by the christians posting here by them posting about Christ and I am objecting to being accused by anyone here of being disrespectfull to anyone because I am a jew and the foundation of judaism is to beleive in one God and we shall have no other Gods before us . The foundation for Christiandom is that they must (shall-should)believe in Christ to be a christian. Are you saying that the christians can state theuir foundation for their faith and that I as a jew can not state my foundation for my faith on this board? If so, could you clarify why my foundation, to me, to be a jew, can not be posted here but the Christian foundation to be a Christian can be posted here? If you could clarify that, then I will have abetter understanding about the subject of this discussion and I will be better able to discuss it with you,




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