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Lou's response to Dinah's post Dinah

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 22, 2002, at 10:17:59

In reply to Re: Lou's answer to Dinah's post-part 2 Lou Pilder, posted by Dinah on October 21, 2002, at 10:46:34

I have read your post and have some questions that I would like you to respond to so that I will have a better understanding of what you have written. If you could answer them , then I could better understand the rules of this electronic bullitin board and then be better able to construct my posts to accomodate the board's rules.
1)Are you saying that if I tell of my faith experiance, in relation to that my God told me that I should have no other Gods before Him, that that statement could cause others to respond and then there would be an atmosphere on the board like some other board that you mentioned that would be (undesierable)? I base this on your paragraph in your post that I am responding to that describes one christian sect attacking some other sect about their baptism(s)and Jesus.
2) Are you saying that just because some people react to things that way that it will (absolutly) happen here?
3)Could it be possible that the posters here are of a different mentality that what you have described to have happend on some other board and thearfore what you describe as to what happened on another board may not happen here?
4)Are you saying that the "rule" (absolutly) prohibits me from posting that my God told me that I should have no other Gods before Him? And if so, could you clarify why that statement would violate the rule, if I posted it on the faith board, and a statement like "faith without works is dead" could not violate the rule?
If you can clarify that to me, and give me your descriminating rational that describes why my post would be restrained and the post that says, "faith without works is dead" would not be restrained, then I could be better able to construct my posts to accomodtate the descriminating rational.




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