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Re: please be civil Lou Pilder

Posted by Dr. Bob on July 22, 2002, at 18:34:52

In reply to and Dr Bob, posted by tabitha on July 22, 2002, at 12:22:23

> As I understand, one of the guidelines is to not make assumptions about others. Didn't Lou violate this when he called kiddo's posts anti-Semitic?

I already said I didn't think what she said was anti-Semitic, but I guess what Lou said is still an issue. (To digress a bit, I think there's some tension between administration and support. I can administrate better if people inform me about questionable posts, but that's inevitably somewhat accusatory.) Anyway, Lou did in fact say:

> your total thought, to me, was crossing the line and going into anti-Semitic rhetoric... your posts:
> 1. use defaming language toward the jewish leaders in the time of the jesus that you are referring to when you called the pharisees "hypocrites".

And in retrospect (sorry about missing this the first time), I do see that he was saying that her thinking *was* anti-Semitic (and not just that it could lead to anti-Semitism), which was both jumping to a conclusion and an accusation and therefore uncivil. Lou, please don't do that.

At the same time, he was responding to:

> > While I was on the Road, one asked the Rider about what degree of rightiousness is needed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Rider said to me, " Unless your rightiousness exceeds the the rightiousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of Heaven."
> > Now the scribes and Pharisees were the most rightious people of Israel. They were the chief Rabbis. They obeyed the Law to the letter.
> The scribes and Pharisees said but they did not, they said, and preached, but they didn't live it. They said that Jesus cast out devils by the Beelzebub, the prince of the devils. These people were NOT the most righteous in all of Israel. They were hypocrites.

I don't know anything about the scribes or the Pharisees, sorry, but if someone considers them righteous, I don't think it's so supportive to refer to them as hypocrites.


PS: OK, I looked into it a little, and of course it may not be so black-and-white:

> The Pharisees did not represent a political party or movement, and they were loosely organized. The Pharisees could well be defined first and foremost as a philosophy with many supporters.
> There were many sub-groups among the them, and most must be considered to be true and honest in their beliefs. But one group developed a hypocritical approach to Judaism, and became condemned both by scholars writing in the Talmud as well as the Jewish rebel Jesus.
> Christians have come to consider all Pharisees as hypocritical due to the stories in the Gospels, but this is seriously unfair to the majority of Pharisees.




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