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Re: Are some of us invisible? Chris A.

Posted by JahL on March 22, 2001, at 13:14:35

In reply to Re: Are some of us invisible? JahL, posted by Chris A. on March 21, 2001, at 23:51:56

> > I wouldn't let it get you down.
> Thanks, J. Taking everything personally is something I'm very good at when not feeling well. It's nice to be good at something:) When I noticed my pDoc had tacked "Socially Avoidant Personality Disorder" onto my BP dx I took him to task, but he won. I try to keep my hyper-sensitivity in check, but it is like trying to keep egg shells under water. Dr. Bob, is this forum appropriate for those of us with SAPD or does it just reinforce the problem?

I too am hyper-sensitive, tho' being male & having a lot of natural (if unmalicious) anger, aggression, frustration etc, I perhaps express this differently. The magnitude of my anger towards imagined slights/snubs leaves me unable to respond in a civil manner, so I normally refrain from posting 4 a while (but not always, especially if my twin hates of religion & psychotherapy are involved!).

> > Perhaps this is aimed towards me, amongst others.
> Sorry, I didn't mean to aim, but guess I did. Would you please forgive me?

What's 2 forgive?

> >'Obviously'
> Not a good word choice on my part. What I see as "obvious" is not so for others. We are all unique. God is my lifeline and prayer is how I converse with Him. There is 24 hour access and I often find comfort and relief in my relationship with Him. Comfort can be hard to come by otherwise.

If that's what works 4 you then great. I think my point was that whatever the beliefs of an individual, he/she shld maintain core responsibility 4 getting well.

> > Why are you offended by an *equally valid*, if opposing, point of view? Again, it's nothing personal. Even if yr faith is absolute you must surely understand why others find it difficult to share in yr beliefs.
> Yes, I think I understand. Perhaps I was a bit threatened, feeling that my beliefs were being censored. We may have more in common than one would expect. You are definitely entitled to express your point of view. Hopefully I will grow by attempting not to over-react to others statements. I do accept you as you are.

& vice-versa.

> Thnks for helping me to think this through rationally.
> Best,
> Chris A.

As Pat says, it is all about perception. As you say, yr posts are cheifly supportive in nature & I wonder what sort of response you could hope to illicit other than the 'Thanx!' variety. I guess med-related Qs/comments are more likely to promote active discussion on such a med-orientated board. Not all 'givers' on this board are 'rewarded' equally but such is life!

Hope the Geodon turns round 4 you!





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