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Re: Grand Rounds Online - Questions?

Posted by willow on April 11, 2001, at 22:02:51

In reply to Re: Grand Rounds Online, posted by Dr. Bob on April 11, 2001, at 21:13:04

Where do we post our questions?

Here are mine and if you could please move them to the correct local I would appreciate it.

1) I realize that it is difficult to do studies involving children, but have noticed more AD's being prescribed for children. In your opinion how safe is this? In my opinion, if the symptoms are severly disrupting the childs well-being socially etc then the benefits outweigh the risks, but what about the child who's symptoms are just limitting their life. What is your opinion on these meds for this group of children? Also I've heard cases of them being prescribed for babies in different countries. Have any studies been done on how these meds affect a growing individual?

2) As a person with a pharmacology background what is your opinion on the role of "talk therapy?" (psychology/therapist)

3) Most studies are done just for several months regarding side-effects and effectiveness. My doctor has said that I can stay on my medication for life. What risk factors are involved in this option?

4) What's with these side effects?? I've noticed that when many people find a successful medication it causes weight gain and sexual disfunction. Personally I've tried many different ADs and haven't been effected in this way until I started taking one that was effective. Are the effects psychological or physical?

5) This question is probably related to my third and fourth questions. How accurate are the reporting of side-effects? For myself I have noticed with the older ADs, TCAs, alot of side effects that the doctors haven't acknowledged to be caused by the medication though my pharmacist has said they they can be and they have went away with the discontinutation of the medication. Are they being reported more accurately with the newer medications?

6) How much co-operation is there between different researchers? Different countries? And do you think more so would benefit developments?

And finally, I would like to say thank you. These newer medications are doing alot more towards improving the quality of life for members of my family, as I'm sure they are also helping many other people too!





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