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Re: Vortioxetine revisited at 20 mg undopaminergic

Posted by SLS on January 23, 2024, at 11:15:56

In reply to Re: Vortioxetine revisited at 20 mg, posted by undopaminergic on January 23, 2024, at 10:38:14

> > Hi.
> >
> Hi SLS!
> > Memantine produced no noticeable improvement for me. I'm pretty sure I used the maximum recommended dosage.
> >
> It is my experience and understanding from what I've read, that the initial dose, if sufficient, should make you feel "weird".
> My first dose was 10 mg, and I did feel weird, so I did not take more, until weeks or months later, and then it produced a nice antidepressant response, without any "weirdness". I don't recall whether my second dose was 10 or 20 mg.

This might not apply to your experience with memantine, but...

Feeling "weird" is sometimes exactly what you should experience as the brain begins to change its functional dynamics as it reacts to its exposure to an antidepressant substance. With my multiple experiences with Nardil, if I begin to feel weird in the second week, I know that I will ultimately experience some sort of robust antidepressant response.

Another example is the treatment with psilocybin, a psychedelic hallucinogen. Clinics have emerged whose treatment protocol involves a single hallucinogenic dose along with the support and guidance of facilitators. The psilocybin "trip" is truly an altered state of consciousness. Perhaps of critical importance is that while in this state, the brain becomes extremely plastic. This allows for brain function to be more easily altered by medication. However, unless this threshold of dissociation is reached, nothing happens.

Being in the midst of a psychedelic reaction to psilocybin must surely feel weird, but is necessaqry. It is nothing short of an altered state of consciousness that is a surely a very weird experience. No trip, No improvement. With me, no brain fog early in treatment = no response.

As you know, there is growing interest in using psilocybin in microdose amounts daily. It works, and one need not reach the dosage that elicits dissocciation go on have to go on trips.

Ketamine shows a similar behavior. If the dosage used fails to produce a dissociative state, it will likely fail to produce a therapeutic response. -John Krystal, MD - Yale.

- Scott

> At a (months) later point, I needed 60 mg, so the maximum recommended dose may not be sufficient. I survived an overdose of several grams (a gram is 1000 mg), so I would not personally worry about taking a couple of 100 mg or so on a regular basis.
> > I also chose to add bromocriptine and pergolide (separately) to this combination, as both are DA receptor agonists. Both are available in the U.S. to treat Parkinson's Disease. I experienced a few days of relief before I relapsed.
> >
> Unfortunately, it may not be a good idea to take ergoline-based dopamine agonists in the longer term, as they can produce fibrosis and valvulopathy. Lilly was sued over this.
> > Did any of the DA receptor partial agonist antipsychotics have any positive effects on you at all?
> >
> No, they didn't, but I never tried 2.5 mg of aripiprazole (Abilify), only higher doses.
> -undopaminergic

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