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lithium adjustments

Posted by rjlockhart37 on February 17, 2023, at 18:02:18

these past months have been, well ... torment, i've had thought disturbances, that are ... there hard to explain, and i feel a dread before they happen. It's hard to explain it, but my doctor increased lithium to 1200mg. I notice i'm less manic, or agitated in mind. But lithium has not been helping these thought disturbances, i've taken many meds, they had no effect, walk the floor at night praying it would leave. It's been torment for a while, and i've had to resort to going to healing services, and asking jesus for healing of illness. He healed illness when he was here, but now its the holy spirit that heals people. I've been relying on faith, and just pure belief i would be delivered from this torment, trusting jesus and following him. I don't know if it's demonic influence, they can cause mental disturbances, they did it to people in the bible. they caused madness. Malicious evil beings, that only want death. So...anyways, the lithium has been increased, there were a couple nights were i took 1500mg to calm the disturbance, it had no effect. Only thing i notice from lithium is mood stabilization, and calming of manic states. I'm getting my lithium levels checked soon, i never thought i would go on lithium. It was a manic hit, that came out of nowhere, and i had to be put on lithium. I don't want to say mentally disturbed, but i have been tormented these past months, dreading that thought disturbance would happen, when they happen...they don't stop. It' mix of voices, hearing riddles, like intrusive thoughts that are not mine. I walk the floor, in crazed state when it happens. I feel insanity, with hearing riddles like from the jokester, and thoughts that are not mine. I've been researching about being delivered from illness, mental illness, because jesus has the power to heal, the holy spirit. I have been preoccupied all the time, with reading about jesus and follow him and ask for healing. Defiantly went to god, because if i didnt have god, i would lose insanity. He's a being that you can have hope in, and to be faithful he would save you, and deliver you from problems. I've learned you have to have faith in him, and keep faithful no matter how terrible the situation is, and long it lasts. A hope in a higher power, jesus, his goodness, and power to heal the sick. I'm not crazy, i have a girlfriend, normal thoughts, but this happened out of nowhere, and it got worse, and started becoming mental disturbed. Lithium is good for mood stabilization, but its not blocking these disturbances, i've taken latuda, nuerotin, zyprexa at moderate doses together, no effect. Ok, so...keeping lithium at 1200mg, it helps mood and manic states, agitation. We may add more antipsychotic medication, but im saying it does no block out these disturbances, i've been on multiple antipsychotics, they didnt block it out. You know, just feeling disturbed, and dread that nothing is going to work. Only jesus, that's who i have been reading on, learning how illness is healed through the holy spirit. I just wanted to log this, this is much too much information to be posted, but this is what's happening. Find hope in god, and believe he can heal and awnser prayers, even when it doesnt come as we asked or expectwed. End og log

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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