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Re: Valium Christ_empowered

Posted by Jay2112 on February 4, 2023, at 18:57:17

In reply to Re: Valium, posted by Christ_empowered on January 30, 2023, at 11:02:19

> hi on the one hand, you were on a relatively low dose. that's good in terms of avoiding a miserable taper. also, I'm glad you were prescribed Valium. here, it's usually one of the 3 : xanax, ativan, klonopin. and the tapers are miserable, and the doctors are slack. -fun-
> The Orthomolecular people recommend vitamins for everyone (of course), and they recommend high dose B3 (niacin or niacinamide..think 1,500mgs to 3,000 mgs in divided doses), plus a couple of high potency b-complex tabs, and vitamin C (at least as much C as whatever form of B3 one prefers) for those with psych issues -at all- and definitely for those tapering sedatives.
> The B3 at high doses boosts tryptophan levels, which seems to help the body produce more serotonin. this has a calming, mellowing effect over time, sans the adverse effects of SSRI drugs. A more immediate effect is GABA activation, so its sort of like taking a sedative that is also a vitamin and antioxidant, etc. Some experts in the "alternative" field report that long term benzodiazepine-treated people are able to taper more quickly, with fewer adverse effects, by going for a Hoffer-style protocol.
> GABA supplements are helpful for many people, also. Passion flower, valerian, taurine at sufficient doses...
> options, options. I hope things go well for you.

But, too much Niacin is not good either. It caused me to be extremely aggressive, full of anxiety. That was about 500-600mg a day. I am SUPER sensitive to serotonin, being Asperger's/Autistic. Plus, having severe PTSD. I don't do well on serotonin meds, and only Risperdal and AdderallXR (small dose) help my depression and anxiety. There is no vitamin cure (reduce mental anguish) for Autism Spectrum, despite what Dr. Oz and those wackjobs say. (Sorry, but they are quacks trying to sell something with no scientific backing.)

Not saying you are a "quack" But, many are just as bad as drug pushers, aka Big Pharma.


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for not being what they believe they should be.
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