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Re: 5 weeks

Posted by rjlockhart37 on December 23, 2022, at 20:05:03

In reply to Re: 5 weeks rjlockhart37, posted by SLS on December 19, 2022, at 19:09:19

things are not going so good with my doctor, its just she refuses to understand or listen to any thing i describe or tell her, and litterly she won't change any of my medcines, say go to therapy, i have been through hell for the past weeks, only relying on close prayer to god, and having others pray for me during this hellish time. I got prayer through prayer chain, intersessory prayer, i was finally able to sleep. The prayer worked, it took so long. but god's power finally healed me. But just the fact, being awake for 2-3 days and it not ne taken seriously. I've increased lithium to 600mg daily, and some days it's 900. The torment i went through for weeks, i try to forget he memory. I got on websites, and just....i prayed to jesus, i viewed pictures of him only, nightly, praying he would be with me. Prayer works, it may not work how you think, and the timing of prayer is diffrent than man's timing.

Devote prayer, at home, repent of sins, let go of unforgivenss, because jesus said you can't enter heavan with resentment in your heart, unforgivness, your heart has to be clean. And pray for your needs, during that time, go onto google and type prayer requests, you can submit prayers to churches, organizations, prayer groups. That's what i had to do. Being healed through the power of jesus, and through god's healing. I still have many things, that i need, but i finally was healed from hellish insomnnia that lasted for days. I was getting ready to check myself into psych hosoital because i thought i was losing it. I stayed in prayer, devoe, and submitted multiple, prayer requests to organizations. My doctor....the fact that was ignored, and viewed me as some kind of runt, that didnt need treatment. I'm a nice guy, i liek to be nice, and kind to people, but my doctor has treated me with me with shadey treatment, it has to go. There is something called a SPECT scan, it's a scan that reviews brain of abnormalities, and blood flow. I've heard good and bad reviews, the bad reviews is that it's not very accurate, and misdiapnoses cases. A PET scan is more reliable, its used in many study facialites and medical institutions. I'm just so sick of this, my medicdations are the following

Prozac 40mg
Gabapentin 600mg X 3 daily
Latuda 120mg nightly
Lithium 300mg X 3 daily - 900mg
Lamictal 400mg morning

i'm misdiagnosed, if you remember my posts from 2005, 18 years ago, it was cognitive problems, ADHD, anxiety. I was a very much different person then. So, it's long story what happened. But lithium does stablize me, it gives a small antidepressant effect, stablization feeling. It's just being on the wrong medications, with a doctor who refuses to listen, discards any request, she lowered my prozac dose to 40, i was on 80. She got mean, and would not listen to me, that 80 helped me. So, anyways, back to what i was saying, yes get prayer, for your needs, pray at home, and get on google, and type prayer request and prayer wall, and write your needs to multiple churches and organizations and have faith. It doenst sometimes come as we ask, for it, but god works in mysterious ways, and ways we don't understand. Hopefully holding on to Jesus, and god, that he would save and provide you with your needs. Have faith, pray, let go of bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, you can't have corruption in your heart when praying to god, let go of it. And

remember no one is you, and that is your power, you have mind and creativity of your own to accomplish what you want. You can grow with new persepctive, leave behind previous mindsets. Keep faith.

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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