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Re: Insomnia from Vyvanse

Posted by Christ_empowered on May 30, 2022, at 21:27:19

In reply to Re: Insomnia from Vyvanse Christ_empowered, posted by Roslynn on May 30, 2022, at 14:57:28

hi :-) me, again.

I just thought about a different form of dexedrine, because I am kind of thinking...

back in the day, the standard adult dosage for depression and...ok, well life, basically...was 15mgs/daily. Methamphetmine preparations were somewhat common (fun fact: Adderall was originally Obetrol, a Warhol and friends favorite...and one form of Obetrol had a bit of methamphetamine because...50s/60s diet pill magic? I dunno...), and I would assume those would considerably lower dosages. moving on...

a lower dosage could be a good idea, obviously. lol. I'd just hate for you to go so low that you lose any mood benefits.

there's another er/xr dexedrine...z-something. dexedrine was once offered in a spansule which...if available, now...would definitely be generic. the tablets themselves come in 5 and 10mgs I think...maybe there's also a 15?

is your prescription brand or generic? is there an option? sometimes, it matters, for some people. an acquaintance takes brand name adderall xr. the generic xr was an epic fail, so he found some way to get the insurance to cover some of the brand. the brand works nicely, effective with no major crashes or anything.

i don't know if its a viable, long term solution, but...if you and your doctor think an amphetamine is appropriate for your depression (which sounds kind of treatment-resistant and/or severe, which is why I was thinking maybe try another form of dexedrine at an equivalent dosage, btw), sedatives were (and are) used for that, hopefully just on a short-term, as needed basis. maybe...

the classic combo seems to be valium plus whatever upper. maybe because valium is lower potency, compared to xanax and friends? I seem to recall reading that you are currently prescribed xanax. maybe a temporary, as needed extra dose, if the doctor is ok with it?

oh, one last thing...are you still on the latuda? I just ask own experience with adderall prescribed with neuroleptics is that both the stimulant and the neuroleptic should be carefully selected and calibrated, if its going to be a long term thing. an acquaintance continues to do well with seroquel (low potency, sedating) and adderall xr. I did better with Ritalin and Abilify than Adderall and Abilify.

back in the day, for whatever reasons, Ritalin was used somewhat commonly in stable people on full dose tranquilizers. Amphetamines...for bad depression were combined with Thorazine (ThoraDex, arguably one of the original "antidepressants"). Low, low doses of higher potency neuroleptics were sometimes combined with amphetamines for weight loss ( apparently dangerous diet pill that inexplicably remained popular and available till the early 80s...).

sorry to ramble. really bad depression is no fun, so I'm just trying to help, as best I can.

Just a side question: do you take supplements? Antioxidants and b-vitamins seem to have helped me, personally, get more mileage out of fewer meds...with fewer adverse effects, too. no eps, no td, etc. -sharing is caring-





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