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pharmacies dispense medication?

Posted by rjlockhart37 on April 21, 2022, at 0:25:01

i've been thinking, when i was on high dose of dexedrine spansules, the crash was horrible. I would have to brace myself when it wore off, dexedrine crash yes is not fun, irrtible, feel like crying that all the stimulation is over, depressed, so i took more of it, which was abusing it. But the reason - i could not stand the crash, i was on a high dose, and when that high dose wore off, i felt like cryting, i did a couple times, that is no exaggeration, because all the stimulation was gone. But the main thing, the stimulation from d-amphetamine helped my functions and able to do things. It's just when it wore off, is when developed dexedrine induced mood swings. I would just...take another one and say ill make up for it, and not take another day. And .. i've been thinking, pharmacies can dispense medication, but i thjnk they have to work or consent with the doctor to dispense medication. I would have to show up in the morning at the pharmacy and they would give me the medications for that day. I have already thought about this, because i know I am cannot handle the dexedrine crash, and the stimulation ends and causes emotional mood swings. I would have, and i mean 'have' to take a benzodiapepine after the crash, that is not abusive, it would be thw only resort to handle.

So, say that sceario happens in the future, i would have to get a docotr to dispense the medication daily, show up at 9am every monthing and take it. That is a something that I know needs to be done, i could give someone eklse but there's risk they would steal it, or i would demand them to not. Picking up medication at pharmacy (dexedrine and morning medications) they wwould give the day's medication

that's what i've ... i know myself, dexedrine causes emotional mood swings when it wears off, you just .. want to cry, when it wears off from a high dose, that not exaggeration, depression, feeling vulnerable. It's like ... you feel the world is ending, that's how bad dexedrine crash was. I've been thinking over the years in the past, about abuse, first thing - you will run out of medication - yes, then you will habe no more, and would be screwed. You will go through drug induced depression, it will cause more mental health problems. So, I know if there is abuse, it actually causes mental problems, because d-amphetamine is potent stimulant, modafinil or provigil is more safe, less nuerotoxic. Drug abuse usally ends up in being screwed and desperate. So, if that sceario happened, and i was prescribed dexedrine again, i will go the pharmacy every morning, 9am to pick up meds, and take them. That's a safetly net i've thought about doing. But, drug abuse is not fun, it sinks, leaves your strung out, desperate, screwed. I know what it is, and i know what happens. I've gotten a little savy in knowing about that. Anywayss

any one have thoughts about going to pharmacies in the morning to take meds from pharmacist?

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