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Testosterone sollution complete/partial remission?

Posted by Jay2112 on March 5, 2022, at 20:34:41

Well, after a 15 or so year break from T therapy, my testosterone levels are quite low. I REALLY need some help and encouragement, as we all do. Last time, I used Androgel for about 3 years, daily. After about 4 months on the Androgel, for the first time, ever, I experienced complete mental and physical remission from all my symptoms of bipolar II. It was not mania, but a peace, a feeling of deep contentment. I went off most psych drugs all together. THEN...3 major life crisis: I lost a precious, amazing paying job; my Mom had a massive stroke, and languished and died within 5 months...that left me to care for, my dying Dad. My Dad died a year later. I was the power of attorney for both, and I went through stress and mental HELL I never had imagined. My brother refused to help for care; my sister hated me, and also refused to help. My Dad died, I had no job, and despite a zillion resumes, struggled for now, about 8 years, on mostly, gov't disability. forward to today. I am 52. My last blood test showed my T levels very low. My depression, anxiety at full force. My life...a complete mess, using amphetamines to get me through the day, AP's and AD's to sleep. NO life. So, enter the T, and I have been on it for about a few weeks now. Like the last time, I AM actually being able to stay fully awake past 5pm, and as with T therapy, T helps sleep, as well.

So, I am crossing my fingers, putting every damn thing into this. BUT, I want to go to an endocrinologist, to intersect my T levels with my diabetes, type II, check my prolactin, and see if I have any problems with my LH and FSH levels, pituitary function, and HGH levels. Supplementing with Human Growth Hormone has been found to provide a further robust T replacement therapy.

There is still a lot I don't know about endocrinology, but I do know the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) IS the 'mother' of bodily functions that seems to get all messed up in mental illness. I am NOT saying this is the case for EVERYBODY, but is def something we should all get checked out. If your hormones and HPA are all f*cked up, you DON'T have to live with that. Especially for us 'older' folks...but this started with me when I was about 37. I DEMANDED all sorts of tests, and possible treatments, most of what I got. But, then, in the way of living, and here I am, again. But, I am going ALL the way, because my mind is sharp as ever, and I am going to (try) to make my body fall in tune.

Anyhow....comments/remarks/feedback, VERY gratefully accepted. Remember, I am NOT THERE, whatever that is, yet....but the goin get


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