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Re: serotonin syndrome

Posted by HumbleGuy on October 19, 2021, at 17:55:16

In reply to Re: serotonin syndrome, posted by rjlockhart37 on August 3, 2021, at 21:41:02

I know this is silly. I never had any problems with 5htp with mega doses of ssri or even nardil. Due to my desperate state and against all medical advice I was so desperate for improvement I figured if this didn't work then I was quitting anyway and back in time if it killed me so be it. I was on nardil 60mg I slowly titrated old Prozac I had to 5mg to 10mg then 20mg and 30mg for months with no side effects apart from usual off both. Maybe I was lucky. But it was 6 months. I'm just saying it was a desperate move and I DONT ENCOURAGE OR ENDORSE THIS AT ALL. Im just saying I didnt flicker. No thereupeutic benefits. On SSRI I spend a life in bed in total anguish. On nardil I function better so I will never take an ssri again in my life. Only MAOI I wont mix them again but I was at the time not bothered what the consequences were Im
Not saying I was clever I just didnt care anymore.

I was on treatment again with ssri then Im landed in bed again so now Im on nardil again and will never ever come off nardil maybe next will try Parnate as its meant to be weight neutral and has sexual benefits opposite of nardil which sounds useful as this side effect is disabling as is weight gain but not as disabling as severe anguish in bed. You guys will understand.

Humble Guy. 25 years researching psychiatric treatments and testing on myself due to looking for relief. For the most part been a very very severe time. I will join in with you guys Ive been following for years but never really engage as Im trying not to obsess far to much with the subject.

I really have followed Ace, Lamdage, and Phillipa fondly for years and a few other very smart people.

Im in a bad way at the moment but have hioe again with knowledge that nardil always does something at least. Insomnia killing me and some oedema on belly and legs is annoying me and painful to touch. I tell psychiatrist about this but they never took it seriously despite suffering and asking for Parnate trial. Always said its too expensive. I will
Ask new consultant to consider this and show him the evidence from Ken Gilmans expertise and video about Parnate.

Current Medication

Nardil 45mg 15 days only back on (going to 60mg in 10 days I hope) as agreed.

Clonazepam 0.5mg to 1mg.
Melotonin 0.5mg 8pm nightly (experiment)

Ive reduced this from 2mg in a week and a half. I reduced to zero for 4 days but withdrawal has been terrible. Im frightened about the horror stories and possible worsening of long term anxiety as I have severe suffering also with OCD and mainly GAD on top of severe depression.

But Ive reinstated the clonazepam to 0.75mg and its settled my thoughts a lot. Im hoping nardil will cover my anxiety fully over three months to six months but I doubt it will as I cant hit the doses required plus it sends me hypomanic at above 60mg.

Ive just startedtrying low doses of melatonin as I cant not sleep for three days in a row before body collapses into sleep.
I tried 3mg it worked I was asleep in two hours until 6pm the next day. Yesterday I tried 0.5mg and drowsy again all day till later. So trying 0.3mg earlier about 7pm as recommended through research.
Any help would be appreciated

Love and Peace to all i class you all as brothers and sisters in this fight together.




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