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Re: Why do meds constantly stop working for me? SLS

Posted by rose45 on September 10, 2021, at 12:19:12

In reply to Re: Why do meds constantly stop working for me? rose45, posted by SLS on September 10, 2021, at 9:18:22

Dear Scott,

Thank you very much for your thougtful message. I have been reading your recent posts and am thrilled for you that finally after years of suffering, as well as helping others, you are feeling yourself again.

Like you I had never been manic before taking Nardil, but had suffered from mainly anxiety and depression. Had insomnia for 12 years before I broke down. Nardil made me manic most of the time,but psychs in those days, even though they knew, did nothing about it. This is the UK. It was the first anti depressant i had taken and I had always thought that my meditation and yoga practice would carry me through without meds. Parnate has been much better for me than nardil.

To answer your questions, i am still on parnate as the psychs here were trying to augment it, and have not taken me off it. They are telling me that if I want to come off it, it would tke 9 months.
Nardil may be difficult to get here as it is now no longer available, except in capsule form for those who have been on it for years Nardil did work for me at 45 mg for 15 years, but to be honest, I preferred parnate, which had fewer side effects. I have asked for Marplan as it is the only maoi i have not tried yet, and waiting to hear if they will approve it. Otherwise, they have said that my options are lithium or ECT., which is really scary. I asked about low dose lithium, but they insist that they have to go by the blood tests. You see what we have to contend with here in the UK.

Lamotrigine stopped working after 3 months at 180mg. I am still on 125mg of lamotrigine, although that also is no longer working. My only hesitancy about increasing the dose, is that it has made me lose my memory, as well as my hair. It worked well between 100-200mg. I am still taking 125mg though it is no longer working

You are right, I have not tried many things, but the maois suit me well, and I dont feel like experimenting with ssris. I am barely functioning as it is.

I tried amitryptiline when I was younger and just slept and ate a lot. I hated it. Also tried paroxetine and had no result whatsoever - like eating a sugar pill.

So the only drugs that have made me feel better are Nardil, Parnate and lamotrigine, although i had to take low dose olanzapine with lamotrigine to feel myself.

My depression is mainly strong anxiety.
In England, they would never give me noritryptiline with an maoi, and unfortunately I am limited by their guidelines. I had to fight for parnate 6 years ago. I was very happy on it, but reduced it slightly and it stopped working. By chance I then added low dose olanzapine, and it started working again. Stupidly I reduced the olanzapine and the whole thing stopped working. I dont know why whenever I reduce the dose of maois in particular, they just stop working

I am feeling really desperate, as my mind is so crippled with anxiety it feels as if it is not working,and the anxiety is unbearable. And I am taking all these meds which are not working.





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