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Re: Antibiotics for most mental illness (All) and linkadge

Posted by jay2112 on July 6, 2021, at 21:26:15

In reply to Re: Antibiotics for most mental illness, posted by linkadge on July 4, 2021, at 14:24:20

> The effects of minocycline are not generalizable to other antibiotics. In fact, use of antibiotics is associated with an increased risk of depression (and probiotics with a decreased risk).
> Minocycline has a strong effect in reducing microglia activation (i.e. reducing inflammation in glial cells in the brain). It is very effective at this. However, I would caution on generalizing this to other antibiotics.
> Linkadge

Yes, after researching a bit more, I did a c*m hoc ergo propter hoc in my observations. I was in the hospital, for almost 3 weeks, with antibiotic being pumped through me. I had 24 hour care, and likely relief of possible (I am waiting for the sleep test at the lab) sleep apnea, as I had almost 24 hour therapy combination of oxygen/forced air. That alone could have lifted my depression/anxiety quite a bit. But also, I have been heavily constipated since I started on psych meds almost 25 years ago. The antibiotics, given IV, for most of my stay in the hospital, really cleared me out. Soon, I was having regularity daily, sometimes a bit too Also, I was eating a good diet, and maintained good blood sugar levels, which I didn't really attend to pre-hospital. Plus, I was put on a whole new insulin regiment.

So, considering my stay le chateau Niagara Hospital, lol, I wish I could go back!! lol. Also, the antibiotic effect of healing tons and tons of bacterial infections and sputum in my respiratory system (and a surgically inserted drain from an inserted pipe in my collapsed lung, to help clear up my pneumonia), I went from nearly dying to healthy in my 3 week stay.

The combination of all of that jolted me back to life. My meds worked way better. So, yes, saying the antibiotics caused that is like saying the iron lung can clear depression/anxiety.

And, when I got home, I started to sink again. The first few weeks home were like hell, and I was still on antibiotics for another 3 weeks. But, I started going backwards, thinking about what meds made me flat, with volatile emotions at the same time. I went through a few old meds, and the one in particular, nortriptyline, combined with a small dose of Effexor, started to clear things up. (Oh, and I am also on a small dose of risperidone, at night.) The nortriptyline seems to really work on the depression and flatness. Also, the anticholinergic effects of nortrip seem very beneficial, and I am only having a bit of a memory lapse sometimes. I think it is an amazing add-on to SRI's and low dose SNRI's. I also pulled up some studies that akso showed nortriptyline may have a tiny amount of signaling effect on opioid receptors.

I am going to be trying minocycline next week, when I talk to my pdoc.

Sorry for the long post, but I highly encourage hospitalization if anyone is clutching at straws, and at their wits end. (We know what thinking that leads to.)


Humans punish themselves endlessly
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