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Re: Psiloscybin linkadge

Posted by alexandra_k on April 25, 2021, at 0:32:19

In reply to Re: Psiloscybin, posted by linkadge on April 24, 2021, at 15:52:21


thanks for chatting with me :)

> There really aren't different definitions of reputable.

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel... actually, there are. there's a lot of... shall we say... shonky? research out there. i think it is because you have a lot of corrupt people who have obtained money by illegitimate means. and their children (who aren't very bright) sometimes want mommy and daddy to purchase for them various things...

and so there are really rather a lot of publications that (IMHO) proclaim nothing more than that mummy and daddy purchased for them some place in the publication of... a publication that proclaimed or professed... nothing much besides... the fact that mommy and daddy paid for them to be included in a publication about something...

i'm not sure if that makes any sense...

there is supposed to be this thing. in medicine, particularly, whereby publications increase ones... esteem. that sets into place this system or struture whereby corrupt individuals want to buy those things. how do we mark those individuals as corrupt? well....

one idea is to send them to nz and get them to engage in research that everybody will know immediately is.. conducted by morally depraved individuals...

i just mean to say that...

having a publication... even having a publication in an 'esteemed' journal... doesn't mean anything. it is pubilcity. sure. for what? well... that depends, actually, on the quality / sicnetific merits of the publication. often it's nothing other than proclaiming the... money that is behind the.... uh... publicity... for... uh.. stupid pieces of crap. oh. that wasn't very politic of me...

you get the idea.

I'm saying the research is as sound as any research for efficacy on standard antidepressants.

uh. that's not saying a lot...

> >are going on about benefits of micro-dosing, >they are calling it.

> We are not talking about microdosing here.

oh. my bad. that' teh nz strategy for building up to manufacture...

> We are talking about taking enough for a full psychedellic experience. This is why the drug must be administered in a controlled / monitored setting.

ok. yeah.

>undergraduate research subjects, typically, and >then other people, too...

> This is not the 1960s.


> We are talking about standard clinical trials where people (with treatment resistant clinical depression, are carefully weighing the costs and benefits.

hmm. i see...

> >Like what happens when people dream?

> Yes, but plasticity (in limbic and forebrain regions of depressed patients) is impaired.

because they REM sleep less>

> Nobody is saying that all treatments will work for all individuals. Ketamine, for example, is a miracle for some, but not everybody responds.

the date rape drug? the 'are you happy sleeping in a communal sleep environment (aka marae)' drug? mmm hmm yes... i see....

> Again, nobody is saying you have to take this. Also, I don't know where you get the idea that university students are being forcibly given these drugs.

i never said people were forced. my concern is that vulnerable people are being exploited in a manner that serves the interests of the exploiters. where by any progress of breakthrough for the people is one where they are depenent on superiors for future dosings / future epiphenies...

> Right, but we're talking about treating a serious, life threatening illness. Many people with depression commit suicide. For these individuals, taking a 'spin class' is not going to solve anything.

I don't know that we force people to spin their legs to the requisite speed. somehow ethics restirctions preculudes that but not the administration of lsd...




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