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Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences? Phillipa

Posted by alexandra_k on February 28, 2021, at 11:50:21

In reply to Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences? alexandra_k, posted by Phillipa on February 28, 2021, at 9:21:19

I used to post on the psychology board mostly. For years and years (and years and years and years) I tried to get psychotherapy, in New Zealand. More of the psychoanalytic / dynamic variety. But New Zealand didn't offer that. Still doesn't. The health system in New Zealand is a major mechanism by which the government abuses it's people. Other such systems include the health system and institutionalised housing. We have about the highest rate of involuntary detention in the world, apparently. The people kept in institutions pre-trial. Without a trial. Simply because some ''doctor'' thinks they can get away with it.

> You are correct they will continue to develop another vaccine yearly for this and all the other viruses to follow.

Yearly... Or twice yearly. Something like that. Every winter? Every winter for whom?

New Zealand can't (non country can) refuse to allow citizens to return.

New Zealand chooses to proritise entry to people who pay money / are seen to be powerful (e.g., family members of politicians from South America or entertainers like 'The Wiggles')... But they also do need to let a certain number of New Zealand Citizens back through the borders.

Because their visas expire etc overseas. And so on.

New Zealand as a nation has about the highest rate of it's own people living overseas, too, I believe. I think 1/4 of our people (more than 1 million of a population of 4 million) live overseas.

Fled overseas. They will tell you. They were bullied away. Often. We call it 'the brain drain'. You will leave if you know what is good for you. That kind of an 'offer you can't refuse' by the rest of the world. That kind of a voluntary leaving.

But the people come back, now.

To hold the government to account, I suppose. Because this was detention camp island forced concentration camp facility



I think the virus likely came from New Zealand.

From the fact that it couldn't really have been working to exterminate all it's people any faster...

Just an awful marketing / propaganda campaign.


Since my return to New Zealand (to train to be a medical doctor since we have a shortage, apparently, and no jobs for philosophers so no point finishing off a philosophy PhD)...

They keep me on 'disability' for my 'autism' for my 'seclusion' with my lack of peers... Living on welfare... Living in an institutionalised environment because I don't get enough money to live any other way.

They refuse to process my applications for school.

They prioritise 'training' 18 and 19 year olds who pay bribes and agree to 'work' for money and titles while never setting foot in the hospital and ingnoring the atrocities committed by people neither registered nor trained nor qualified to practice...

Every week I read in the news about yet another rape or murder or non-consenting smear or sexual violation or wrongful death committed by impunity by those in the medical system.

The traffic violations.... Blind eyes are turned.

We have the lowest rate of perceived corruption in the world!!!

That's how corrupt we are.

There is no right of review. The people employed to do the policing are most corrupt of all...

Cry cry cry for vaccine handouts...

Cry cry cry for trained staff...

Cry cry cry for bribes to process the applciations. For visa. For entry to the country. For entry to education.

We are.... As corrupt as India???

A lot of people from India immigrated here and had this vision of things being just like back home -- but with the higher up the new caste system.

That's the ideology.

People as gods on earth. Autocratic tyrants.

Everybody complies with the will of Jacinda Ardern because the marketing says she's lovely with her con-munications Degree...

Until she's seen as the face of the angry mob.

That feels justified in...

I don't know...

Harvesting the organs of one in the name of saving countless other lives...

Morality 101 never happened here.

But then neither did any of the science.

Any of the things at all.

Things needed to change. Not just here. The world over.

Presently I'm involved in legal action (civil) of judicial review against the Universities in New Zealand. They are public so they are supposed to process the applications according to objective criterion for fairness and the like. No private school perogative of choosing the children of the wealthy elite... Also a constant succession of government hand-outs / bail-outs that remove consequences for them of...

Basically choosing to ONLY become a system investing in the children of wealthy elites...

They intentionally chose the youngest 'morally plastic' kids they could find to socialise into psychopathy. For their institutions of government abuse of the people.

That's all I see since my return.




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