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Careful with lithium orotate!

Posted by MightyKondrian on July 1, 2020, at 13:02:40

Not posted for... a year or three?
Still on too many meds. Social phobia, MDD, Agoraphobia, ADD, procrastination and constantly isolating/avoidance.

So, I don't know for how long now but Lithium Orotate is available off the shelves and via mail order from supplement companies.

I've heard a lot of good reports and reviews, together with a few clinical papers and articles.

5mg elemental lithium, 3 x day. Started at 5mg worked up slowly. It has a far higher bioavailability and crosses the BBB very easily as the Orotate form compared to the carbonate.

I got ill last weekend and on into this week. I suppose it's been 5 weeks since starting lithium orotate and recently added the 3rd 5mg dose.
1st day I was drowsy, really drowsy and very hot too. The weather was very hot (UK lol), I had windows fully open and the fan blowing at medium.
It got me panicking... covid!
Strait on google searching for covid symptoms and made myself even more paranoid yet it was clear I didn't have THAT. I also had a completely blocked nose. I suffer Rhinitis any time of year. This was bad. I take mizolastine (prescription non-sedating antihistamine) am and in the afternoon I take 10mg cetirizine.
Temp stayed a consistent 30 centigrade. It was cooler outside. Then I broke a sweat. A few chills but mainly overwhelming heat. Drowsy, in a very docile way. "Stop lithium!"
So I did it immediately.
Stopped all dex and halved the Marplan. Continued the amitriptyline, but not full dose. Kept the bupropion 300mg and clonazepam 4mg. Kept benign stims to a min (caffeine, Dynamine, Zynamite, Fasoracetam, Sunifiram, Hydrafinil). Also stopped all herbal and psychoactive supplements. All herbs as they play on many shared enzyme systems as drugs. Had a bit of weed tho. It helped, knew it would. Topped that off with 2 ESAA drinks laced with 3g Vit C, 3g MSM, 2g NAC, 1g ALCAR, 130mg Lipisperse Resveratrol, 100mg CoQ10, 200mg Hydrocurc, 1.5g TMG with some powdered Acai & beetroot. Inulin & Glycine to sweeten with a drop of concentrate. All twice daily.
Next morning was like a hangover without he headache but I soon got really hot again. Blocked nose. This subsided after a while without me noticing the slow switch between being in a fog to becoming more and more alert over a couple of hours. Then more and more. What's going on?
Dropped all meds except the clonazepam and I added 2 x 50mg quetiapine MR. Kept my acamprosate.

By evening I was wired, in the head but my body had no energy. Like my mind was steeling all the energy. Then it hit that I couldn't have covid lol. Not a single cough, I'm a type 1 diabetic, I couldn't breathe only through my mouth when there was little air to breathe. The air was humid and stagnant - we had a storm that night.
My immune system was stressing tho. Between the heat, I'd get little chills and burning up but with a cold forehead. Couldn't pee till late pm.
Hit the protein shakes with added BCAAs, in turn hoping to interfere with L-Tryptophan's BBB cross over by lowering L-Tryptophans levels available in the brain. By lowering its ratio levels in the blood while the majority of the other AAs increases in much higher concentrations. Why was I doing this? I was concerned it may be Ser-Syn. Just in case.

That night I collapse and awoke Sunday morn. Sprang awake (still no stims) and got on youtube and sunk into some music. Smoked some. By the eve I thought I'd best take 'some' meds. Clonazepam and Quetiapine with my 100mg amitryptyline to knock me out. 5 am it started getting light, so I knocked back some valerian and it managed to just push me over into sleep.
3 hrs later I awoke with quivering legs and arms, stretchy feelings (like MDMA but unpleasant) and even some jaw clenching and teeth chattering (???).
Called my father and told him I wasn't well and he did some shopping for me. I was agoraphobic at this point. Said I'd call a hotline tomorrow eve if it got worse. It did.
Monday was the worst. All of those previous symptoms went out of the window. Felt refreshed when I woke, but still only took the clonazepam & Quetiapine. Hadn't been out for over a week. In my room, I could 'feel' all the movement outside, not just through the noise but mainly over-awareness. I could sense the hecticness going on from everywhere.
Psychosis. Had it before but only during recreational amphetamine use. I necked 200mg quetiapine am & pm, called my docs secretary and told her I was going in if I couldn't sleep that night. Truth is I was too socially phobic and 'scatty' to sit in a waiting room.
150mg amitryptyline with usual 300mcg Melatonin, a gram of magnesium citrate and an extra 2mg clonazepam. I slept!
Yesterday, I felt back to baseline and a little tired. Took 10mg dex and a coffee. Fine. Later I took 40mg Marplan, then the other 40 later and another 10mg dex. All fine. No supplements at all yesterday.

Today I'm back to the norm, and I haven't taken any lithium since Saturday, 4 days ago.
Felt lethargic this morning (not surprised!). Took no amitriptyline last night. So took the full 80mg Marplan, 150 bupropion, 2mg clonazepam, 15mg dex and low doses of some plant stims. Felt great!
Still fell asleep within 4hrs but I've done that many times on dex. Took 50mg quetiapine MR too, so took none this afternoon, took a second helping of dex, 15mg, 2nd bupropion, 2mg clonazepam & 200mg caffeine. Much better! Probably too soon to get back on them so quickly but when there's depression lurking I'd rather take the chance.

Very weird. So far I'm convinced it was the lithium orotate. Dehydration at the start too, caused by lithium orotate? And/or heatstroke? If I'm right I suspect it interfered with liver or kidney detox speed and levels of the same enzyme systems the other meds were being processed through. A somewhat calculated guess.

Most definitely a great weapon to add to your arsenal, but study to make sure it won't interact with your meds or their detox pathways. Must do more reading on this.

Does anyone want to comment?

Diagnosis: Social Phobia, MDD, ADD, Agoraphobia.
Meds: Marplan, Seroquel, Wellbutrin, Dexamfetamine, Klonopin




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