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provigil class drug review

Posted by rjlockhart37 on May 16, 2020, at 22:45:30

i've been on nuvigil for years, the dose im right now 250, in the morning it hardly feels like anything because i like adapted to it. I've researched on provigil-nuvigil (modalert/waklert) its control sub IV, but its not...the main thing about it, people just take it and it makes them produditive during the day their jobs. It makes you feel more productive, feel a mild euphoria sometimes, but its not the class of stimulant II, first when abusing the provigil stuff, it you take higher than a certain dose, just like caffeine it will cause nervousness, and agitation. Not euphpria at all, very unpleasant, compared to amphetamine class which more dose produces more euphoria. It's not a like black market thing, because people don't like it, mainly the control II stimulants. It makes you irrtible if you take too high, just like caffeine. But, your more productive, and alert. That's all i can say, there's mild euphoria, but nothing like CII class.

It used to not be controlled, but mostly it is used with shift workers, before work. Because of activation and productivty. Still when it wears off, any stimulant wearing off is not plesanat. Provigil laats 6 hours, Nuvigil lasts 8 hours, your more talkative on provigil, more hyper like, nuvigil is more focus, but still there's other brands like modalert and waklert, modafnil - makes you talk more, more activateted bit peppy, sometimes. Armoafnil is more focus, but does give energy but not the talkativeness as modafnil. Just like comparing amphetamine to dextroamphetamine, racmatic amphetamine is 50%levo/50%dextro, your more out going and they used it in world war II to keep solders alert. Dextroamphetamine is more psychoactive, less cardio vascular stimulation.

But these provigil-modafinil class, there basically good for production, but too high dose just like caffeine, makes you irritable, not pleasant at all. I think they reason they made it control IV is because, there is activation and mild euphoria, similar to coffee but diffrent in actions.

So, taken modafinil - take it the morning, will last 6 hours, then wears off. Armodafnil - lasts 8 hours, and its still less pleasant when it wears off. armodafnil crash is less worse than provigil crash, and i think people want to redose, after feeling that crash feeling. Some take it and don't a thing, take it once in the morning and its perfect. But i take armodaffnil, i've gotten tolerant to it, i don't feel activation, but i notice i don't take it, im sluggish. But still with depression, it lacks, higher doses sometimes needed.

Basically my story, rj had severe adhd, and bad depression, in high school he took addderall xr 30mg, hated being on a low dose because ineffective, added wellbutrin, helped somewhat, moved to 40mg adderall, someone made a big deal about me taking a couple extra doses, (because i seriously was on a wrong, low dose) and was sent to all stupid rehabs sh*t over something that was .... i was sitting a room with major drug absuers, hard using stuff, there faces looked like meth, and some constnatly asked the doctor for more buronprhine and complained when they didnt get it, and asked what the hell are you in here for, fore just taking a couple more adderall or dexedrine, i told them alll the story. Said get a job, move out and get indepdent. wasted 15,000+ over something that was no a big deal, it just required the correct dose, someone made a big deal, later i was put on klonopin, then xanax, coming off xanax - it was not bad, they used xanax xr 2mg, i just knew ... there don't care how much anxiety you have, your just not taking the meds they don't want. You can complain, and tell the truth, the'll just say move a small dose up on anxiety antidepresssant. It's in 2009 when they ripped me off everything because a person i know, my therapist, and my psychiatrist all were having meetings together, and i came into the room, said you off everything, go get help. It trauatized me, because i was taken off a medication that i needed to stay productive, and they all turned on me. Thew me into rehabs, i mean....just, that's part trauma, even thought it does sound like it, being put into 3-4 rehabs over totally small and illgentment reseason, if they ever did again, its like carwash, you float through...yup have group session, tell your store, see a therpaist and they tell you how bad case you are, meet with psychiatirst that does not do anything. If that ever happened again, it would be automated mode, i would just pass through and leave. I know those programs, all of them. Know how to float through, tell the therapist yes your right, ill get better. Just bull-crap. But anyways, i needed to vent that out. Some drug programs help people who seriously need help, such as heroin, or severe opiod avuse, and other medications. They always say term i replased, need to get better. It's like being on weight watchers, getting shamed for going over too much food limit. But i saw people, who were serious cases, they got better because they learned that type of intake and behavior will lead to overdose and death. I know....when i was these drug places, 3 people have died after because of overdoses, they were such nice people. I found out through facebook. So, that is defiently something, when your dealing with those kinda substances, it's leads to death. One of them was kinda close friend, i used to stick around because some other people in rehabs didnt like me, i didnt like them either. He died, it crushed me finding it out on. Those street drugs, hard core, they will kill you.

it's just at home, trying to figure my life what i can be productive, i've written in depth things of thought and research during these idle years, because i had to find something to do. That would benefit other people. I'm not boasting but some of the posts, i've had so many posts i forgot i wrote, and online research projects. If have to become to most beutifil mind, since have no one to talk too, put into research and creation. I know it's not a career, but i've done alot work, not on this screen name. But those years, of being ripped off, and these people turning into like these evil spirits had got into them, i thought that for a while, like some evil spirit was doing this, using them through their bodies. But i'm not write anythign else. Hoefully to help people, and write things of intrest, is a part of desire to do.

but.....let's get back, this is what i found out about modafnil

you can read it, it's not really a drug of abuse, but it can become dependent on. Provigil abuse, is associated with anxiety, low sleep, constly having to take it be productive and high doses are unpleasant, just like caffeine jitters. Just people took it alot, it became a household, street name, a produvity medication. Then they made it a CIV. It has low euphoria, mild. It just get's you going, not a psychostimulant, its like a diffrent version of coffee, but with diffrent effects.

that's it ...


"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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