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GABA supplement with diazepam

Posted by rjlockhart37 on March 21, 2020, at 19:16:20

i made a post earlier, ill tell what happened, for a long time, my doctor didnt really help me with anxiety, she said you need coping skills and stay on zyprexa, well i said screw that and i started taking phenibut for a long time. It does not give a benzo feeling, there not much recreational, its basically the most mild anxiolic, but it does work. But....the withdrawl from this drug is hell, i abrublty stopped by taking a moderate amount for anixety during the day, i went through withdrawl, i could not sleep, i didnt want to eat, i had this primal fear feeling like indooming prededation, it was bad experience, so i wnet to my doctor, i told her and we discussed, i was shaking and i was clammy and sweating, and she read and saw phenibut can cause siezures by abrubly stopping it at moderate to high amount.

put me on diazepam, at first i could sleep, and the anixety was toned down, but like i said diazepam is just good ole' joe benzo, there not much charastics to it, its not euphoric, it just provides relief, if taken at higher doses produces relaxation and feeling everything is ok. Nothing like xanax, or ativan, its more general. But after time, i noticed when taking it the effects were starting to become less, and what happened was when you hit your GABA receptyors too much, either tolerance, or i read you damage them. So, i've had to start taking GABA supplement, the kinda at the nutrition store. To restore my gaba levels, and yes it did work, i felt the relief again. But i always to take GABA supplement with diazepam to have a adequite relief, diazpeam by itself has little effect, and i think its due to tolerance or damage to gaba sites.

i've gotten online and asked prayer for restoration of sites in the brain. But phenibut was used for years to deal with this horrible anxiety, and my doctor just blowing it off and saying leave meds where they are. It's withdrawals are hell, 3-7 days of no sleep, or little sleep, clammy hands, shaking like more nervous not seizure like, and it was terrible. Phenibut is not euphoric, its not a substance to be concerned about abuse, its just the withdrawal, like caffeine wearing off feeling crashed tired, but the effect lasts 3-6 days until equilibrium is done. It effects beta sites of GABA, while benzodiazepines work at the alphra sites of gaba, only benzo that hits beta gaba sites, is bromazepam.

dealing iwth all this, its really miserable, and i don't anyone to call or tell, so i just post status online. I don't care if the internet reads it, i don't have resources for therapist, friends, nothing. Only using creativity, and i don't know beutifl mind to compensate for not being able to talk. You just start seeing things differently. Times like these you have to be smart and figure things out, when there's no one there.

Anyways, just needed to post it because i had to vent it, at least this feels a vent to let it out let be known. Thanks for reading, friend.


"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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