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maryln monre

Posted by rjlockhart37 on November 1, 2019, at 0:01:04

i was researching about the cause of death of marilyn monroe long ago, she took whole bottle of pentobarbital and chloral hydrate, and it's....some people think it's a conspiracy theroy that it was secretly done to make it look like suicide because she was having an affair with JFK and was threatening to go public about her relationship. But further on....i have to say she was a barbiturate addict, badly, her doctor gave her 3 times the maximum dose of pentobarbital for sleep. She always was on some kinda of drug, barbituratte, opitate, stimulant, lucille ball took dexedrine alot to keep going during the I love lucy show, hollywood attached. But MM was put into a psychiatric hospital because the main point wast to reduce her drug intake, she was a barbiurate addict, and loved them because they give you peaceful sedation benzos don't do. Online on google i was going through her presciption list, her doctor wrote her for a couple days Tuinal, some kindo of drug that suppost to help with dizziness can't rerember the name, and parnate, i don't think maryln monroe was a stimulant user. I know for fact, she loved barbirutates, her doctor gave her tuinal, then at her end days before she died, she was given a maximum dose of Nembutal (pentobarbital) and chylrol hydrate, CH - is an old sleeping med, it was beffore barbiturates and you become tolerant very very quickly, it's above all the other drugs, you become tolerant to it very fast.

But reading, her house keeper or some friend saidt hat she crack a nembutal capsule and chloral hydrate into a bottle of champagne, not sure if it was home or friends party or somewhere. Get barbiturate-alcohol combination euphoria... Nembutal is a potent barbiturate, it's above others, was known as the peace pill, before the benzos - pre 1960s barbirutates were the sleep anxiety peace pills. But all i have to say, from research, this woman was a major drug addict, like i said, mainly barbiturates.

It's sad to see that these things enhance your mood, or your anxiety, back then and then you get addicted, mainly in increasing doe and adding many other narcotics, and then the person loses who they originally were, because they became drug personalities.

She did have a good career, she was glamours and pretty, was an icon for many teenagers to look lik her. She had many affairs, and ... she never stayed with anyone, she always moving from one guy to the next. But mainly the thing people didnt know is her drug addiction that was put into background, and died claiming on nembutal and chyrol hydrate, like i said there's conspiracy theries that she was killed and they did a excellant job at erasing evidence and making it look a suicide, she was lay face down in her bed, holding a phone, i guess like she was trying to call 911, i don't know. But 25 pentobarbital pills, either she lost her mind and did the most idiot stunt performance, or she did commit suicide. She was fired from a movie because of frequent absences, and late. Not sure if that had anything to do with it. But that's what i found out about her.

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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